Paradise Papers: Apple is not your friend!

Apple is back in the headlines, involuntary mind you. The focus is a hitherto little-noticed "product" Apple's tax avoidance model - instead Itax iPhone X. It is time to put the relationship with the iconic brand to the test.

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1.4 terabytes, 13.4 million documents, data in the time frame from 1950 to 2016 - the Paradise Papers draw attention to the largest multinational corporations, politicians, billionaires and their questionable tricks to global tax avoidance by means of various tax havens. Right in the middle: Apple - beloved cult company and industry king.

My thoughts on the weekend: This new column would provide food for thought, calling for discussion and reflect the "News-Schwall" a week towards the end.

What the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) - in this country involved researching composite of NDR, WDR and Süddeutsche Zeitung - "honorable" in the documents of the law firm Appleby was then surprised but in his ruthlessness. Apparently Apple preferably in finding the appropriate tax haven countries with little pronounced opposition and the possibility of maximum influence. Along the lines of Apple investigated the cheapest banana republic! What followed was a not quite so clear clarification from Apple. not - this was enough apparently Wolfgang Krach - editor of the Süddeutsche Zeitung. In an open letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook, he again addressed the real issue and referred to the social responsibility of the conglomerate. Another answer Apple failed to materialize so far.

The media carnage makes the Apple customers return loss, a "winner" is far identified. we stick to the facts first:

  • In fact, Apple acted legally according to the information. Each save where he can and uses his disposal loopholes.
  • But the fact is is also legally is still far from being morally legitimate. Not everything that is permitted should be tolerated without protest. Can and should Apple may behave anti-social?

Apple and the customers: in future, pragmatism rather than iconic worship

Assuming we say yes, then there can be only one conclusion: Apple is a very normal, that is opportune company. to improve no iconic underdog, no institution with the aim of the world. The only credible goal of this undertaking: Money rake with all permitted means. Summary: Let us then treat Apple as well. Let's do the cult to an end and disconnect the - admittedly cool - Products from reprehensible company construct. Apple is an outstanding representative of capitalism, let us also be capitalists. But what exactly does this mean?

I stand for a pragmatic approach. Apple is not your friend, nor the permanently grinning Apple store Bubi of you without being asked constantly speaking terms. Apple wants to make money at the end of the day, we want to make money. And all want to save money where they can, okay?

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Challenge to Apple's direct sales

Good thing: let us start and Buy will no longer directly at Apple, let we the Apple Store on the left. Instead, we buy from the local local dealer for that matter, in the domestic online trading. There we still get a small discount on the official Apple Award - money we save and Apple's profit margin is reduced because the manufacturer must indeed give up some of the trade. Thus strengthening even the domestic sales. The Apple would incidentally like to eliminate in order to increase the margin by a sole direct selling again. but this does not succeed if significant revenue is generated through the traditional trade yet. What, then you have to hold the latest iPhone wait, because Apple supplied is indeed proven preferable yourself? Regardless, it does not bring you to sometimes wait a little longer.

What about the warranty? No problem: For this, the Apple Store is good enough - can a free and just for us repair customers of the manufacturer, as we take advantage of the proximity and frequent goodwill. Is it immoral to buy cheaper elsewhere and to hand over the repair Apple? If you ask me: Do not immoral than Apple's tax shelter. Even better: We buy in the future needed, then earned Apple a second time on it and we save at the end or the environment.

We have it in hand. Apple is no longer our friend, it's time to realize this at last.

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