Banshee: Season 4 – Release, Trailer and Info

With "Banshee" Cinemax is an action-packed and exciting series succeeded. In three seasons 30 episodes so far been shown. Not long before the fourth season will be broadcast by Banshee. With us you will find information on the release, cast and spoiler free hints Story Banshee Squadron 4th

Banshee: Season 4 - Release, Trailer and Info

In Germany, the series "Banshee is: Small Town. Big Secrets "is currently shown on pay-TV on Sky Atlantic. There are currently running the consequences of the third season (January 2016). Who wants to miss any episode of the action series, Sky Atlantic can receive on Sky. Start of the fourth season will be on April 1st.

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A new super-trailer looks back once more to the recent events of the first three seasons of Banshee:

2137Banshee Season 4 Trailer

The trailer for the final season of Banshee:

914Banshee Season 4 Trailer

Banshee: Fourth season will be the last

During the US premiere of the third season Banshee Season 4 was officially confirmed. Start date of new episodes of Banshee is on January 29, 2016. Fans of the events surrounding the actor Antony Starr obtained simultaneously with the anticipation of new episodes of Banshee, however, put a damper. As the series makers already announced mid-2015, the fourth season of Banshee will be the last new round for the action spectacle. Initially, it was planned to design Banshee five to six seasons. In addition, the new season will no longer consist of ten episodes, but bring only eight episodes with them.

resulttitledate aired
1Something Out Of The BibleApril 1, 2016
2The Burden Of BeautyApril 8, 2016
3jobApril 15, 2016
4Innocent Might Be A Bit Of A StretchApril 22, 2016
5A Little Late To Grow A PairApril 29, 2016
6Only One Way A Dogfight EndsMay 6, 2016
7Truths Other Than The Ones You Tell yourselMay 13, 2016
8threquiemMay 20, 2016

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When will Banshee Season 4 in Germany?

The US series Banshee tells the story of Lucas Hood, who is at first as a fraud on the go, but then changes to an inhabited mostly by Amish town on the side of law enforcement. In the fourth season will be seen in a larger role as FBI agent Veronica Dawson Eliza Dushku (Buffy). On the side of Hood wants to put a killer craft. In addition, a final confrontation with Hood Proct for the final fourth season of BansheeBanshee: Season 4 - Release, Trailer and Infoor expected.

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Banshee: Season 4 - Release, Trailer and Info

On Germany start for Banshee Season 4 is yet unknown. The broadcast of the first season began on Sky Atlantic in this country in mid-July 2013, thus with a six-month delay in terms of the US premiere. The consequences of the second season could already be considered a day after the US broadcast in Germany via Sky Go. Once there is a limit for Germany start the fourth Banshee season, we will inform you about it here. In April there will be at least in the US, the first episode of Banshee Squadron 4th


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