WhatsApp: Send message – Here’s how

If you're new in dealing with WhatsApp, you may wonder how you can contact write a WhatsApp message. We'll show you in this tip.

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So you can someone write a message in WhatsApp

  1. Saves the phone number in your contacts.
  2. WhatsApp opens and type tab CHATS down on the green button with the balloon.
  3. Selects the desired contact from the contact list.
  4. After that, a chat window and your keyboard will open, typing on her your message.
  5. Expresses finally the green arrow icon to the right of your box to send the message.
So you write a WhatsApp message to a contact.So you write a WhatsApp message to a contact.

If not the desired contact is displayed in the contact list, which may be due to the following reasons:

  • WhatsApp has synchronized the contacts. Updated in the event your contacts.
  • You have the number of the contact not properly stored in the address book.
  • The contact does not use WhatsApp.

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