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Comments and posts can be quickly and easily post to Facebook. Sometimes the writing does not work after a little thought but then really. With a few clicks you can delete a post on Facebook.

Also, comments can be quickly removed again.

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Facebook: delete posts - fast and easy

So you can delete posts in their own Chronicle:

  1. Open your page on Facebook.
  2. Searches for the post, to want to delete it.
  3. The upper right is an icon with an arrow pointing downwards. Click on this icon and select "Remove from the Chronicle". Sometimes you can also simply here "Erase" stand.
  4. The post will be removed and is no longer visible.


If you select "In the chronicle hide," although we delete the message from your browsing history, but may appear elsewhere still on Facebook. Photos that have been hidden in the book, can still be viewed as at Facebook in the "Photos" section.

facebook-comment-deleteIf you want to you but umentscheidet again after deleting and retrieve the mail that goes too fast:

  1. Call your Chronicle and controls "Settings".
  2. Opens here the "activity log".
  3. Searches for the corresponding entry to retrieve the deleted post again.

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delete comments on Facebook

Have you commented on a post can be also Delete comment on Facebook. click retrieves your mail and click the pencil icon to the right over it. Here you can edit if about a spelling error has slipped, or completely remove the comment. Note that deleting other users' comments is not possible through you. One can only hide this content, so that these, however, are still not visible to other users for you.

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