Quiz Duel: Tips for solving all issues

With the quiz duel app developers from the house FEO Media AB a terrific throw is successful. The game captures still thousands of fans rate before the smartphone screen. The quiz duel advice you go with every challenge the winner of the rate round.

Quiz Duel: Tips for solving all issues

In a separate article you will find everything to the quiz duel cheat with which you come on dirty way to solve all the answers. Who, however, prefer a more honest, should take a look at the following quiz duel tips. In the quiz you can duel you both with friends, z. B. from your Facebook friends list measure as distributed against other players across the country starting in the question and answer session. Since the quiz duel has now made in Germany his rounds and can be found again on countless smartphones, you will quickly find an opponent with whom it your knowledge (or rate of luck) you can usually measure.

Quiz Duel: Tips for solving all issues

Quiz duel Tips: Questions, questions

Even though the game, with approximately 25,000 questions is equipped, many questions repeated at regular games. So you should shovel to place in your memory at each rate round and put all the right solutions for a new quiz duel round at a suitable village to just in case fall back on an already gewusste answer. Also the quiz duel therefore applies, exercise and regular play makes perfect.

Quiz Duel: Tips for solving all issues

Starts her a quiz round, you should of course choose a category that is you particularly, and also pay attention to the weaknesses of the other. Do you play for. B. against your non-PC girlfriend and myself are gifted gamers, the three are already booked to zero points for you tight. Should just not an appropriate category to be selected, decide for the more general heading possible to get asked questions about Allerwelts issues in the app that require no specific knowledge. In particular, the category 2000 has proven to master for many users to be quite easy. But for you-topic categories, there are in the quiz duel tips on how to best tackle upcoming issues. The following categories you are currently on the quiz duel questions to choose from:

  • Sports & leisure
  • body & spirit
  • media & entertainment
  • Engineering marvel
  • art & Culture
  • Books & words
  • computer Games
  • And more

You play not against friends, but strangers whose preferences you do not know, to outcrops of the nickname can be drawn. Do you play for. As against a player like "123Umberto123" leaves out is that the player has its interests in the TV area. With opponents like "Flower Friend" should make possible the category "Out in the country" a bow.

Quiz duel Tips: All right answers ready

The groundbreaking success of the quiz duel currently seems to be no limits. So already there are plans to bring the quiz duel as a show on the TV screen. has already implemented the idea of ​​the quiz duel book *Quiz Duel: Tips for solving all issues. In the book the quiz duel you find the best questions from the total of 19 topics. In addition, a look is cast on the most serious, the simplest and most popular questions. On 240 pages you will find various tips for the quiz duel and answers to many questions and topics the free app for Android and iOS here.

Quiz Duel: The book on Amazon Buy *Quiz Duel: Tips for solving all issues

Are you fast on the PC keyboard, you can have a look the web page with all the solutions for the quiz duel throw. The database contains nearly all the questions used in the Quizapp and is regularly extended. For legal reasons, the database for the quiz duel solutions had to be (thx @ User sunnyric) taken offline. For details, see the accompanying statement. However, since at each rate round the time plays against you, you must be here nimble and enter the appropriate question quickly to get the right answer in time. Especially on the Smartphone writing takes a relatively long time, so the quiz duel database particularly useful if you have a computer within reach.

quiz duel-book*Quiz Duel: Tips for solving all issues

Quiz duel Tips for counseling and knowledge

Trick questions provides the quiz duel as good as any. You can thus get to the right answer and exclude the most improbable first in peace process of elimination. Even if you do not know the answer, you should take a decision for an answer and not just let run down the time, after all, is so still a 25% chance to blur the correct field. Even if you have been challenged for the fifth time by an adversary who wrestles down you permanently in the quiz duel, you should not give up a round, but compete. So you can some correct answers for future quizzes to take and also receive no penalty for giving up the quiz round.

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Also learn from us how to get the crown in the quiz duel and how their own questions send in the rate app can.

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