Google Wallet: Pay at Play Store, set up account and delete

You possess an active Google account and want to now use the Google Wallet, the virtual Google Portmonaise? But perhaps the Play Store asked of you, to sign up with your Google Wallet account. Or do you want the account delete it. We show you how you can you register with Google Wallet, you created your own account and loswerdet it again.

Google Wallet: Pay at Play Store, set up account and deleteWhat is Google Wallet
With a registered Google Wallet account you are able to pay with a virtual wallet online by phone or from your computer. In addition, Wallet users can use Google Wallet for contactless payment in selected retail stores to Google USA. In Germany, however, the payment via near field communication (NFC) at the present time is not possible.
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Sign Up for Google Wallet

Setting up for Bilderstrecke Google Wallet

The first requirement for a Google Wallet account you need an active Google account. Has its as yet none, you've got to first create one before you can use the service of Google Wallet (and in the Play Store shopping can). To register a Google Wallet account does it proceed as follows:

  • Visit the website
  • Selects the upper right button to register or get in touch with your existing Google Account
  • Give all the required information from you person
  • Give either your credit card or chooses you to choose the payment later
  • click on Accept and create

google wallet account start window

You get to the home screen of Google Wallet. Here you can see her your transactions, payment methods, offers, loyalty programs, equipment, field reports, subscriptions and authorizations.

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Delete Google Wallet account

Do you want your account to Google Wallet deactivate, you've got to just put the Google Support. If the account is deleted, there are no more transactions possible, all other Google services are retained you.

On page 2, you learn how you can pay with Google Wallet &# 8211; with or without a credit card.


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