Hearthstone: Mech-Mage deck – How it works!

In Hearthstone Mech-Mage decks are since enlargement Goblins against Gnome very popular because of mechanical servants can be do a lot of mischief and also the decks are very effective. We show you how to build a good Mech-Mage deck and how you play it perfectly!

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A Mech-Mage-deck Blizzards online card game Hearthstone is based on masses of Mechs, which reinforce each other and use the cards the magician to get control of the game. In addition, the deck relies heavily on the use of spare parts cards that you get via various Mech cards and trigger various useful effects.

Hearthstone: Mage-Mech deck - These cards are in!

In a Mech-Mage deck you should have as many Mechs, but of course not any Klapperkisten but only those that give you a good synergy bonus. And of course you are allowed to additional cards as spells not forget, because you want so keep control of the battlefield. Therefore, certain magician cards are particularly effective. We show you in the following list, which should you have it.

hearthstone-mechmage01The annoying nerve-o-Tron protects your Mechs.

Card list for Mech-Mage deck:

snow eater22
Arcane Intellect13
Archmage Antonidas17
harvest Golem23
mechanical Yeti14
manned shredder24
antique Heilbot15
Azure Dragon15
The Black Knight16
Dr. Bumm17
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Hearthstone: Mech-Mage deck - Mech-Synergy and pitch control!

This tempo deck you play fast and aggressive. Skin your Mechs out there and makes them cheap with Mechwarper. Continues to use her your damage spells and effects to kill enemy servants. Your Goblin explosive magician or the nasty Dr. Boom are suitable as well do so.

hearthstone-mechmage02Dr. Boom makes neat bang!

And do not forget your spare parts! Many of your servants, for example, the Clockwork or Tüftelstadttechniker, give you a random spare parts spell on hand, which you can use to reinforce your servant. But since they are regarded as magic, they activate the effect of steadily Archmage Antonidas, who donated you a fireball by any spell. Thus making it your opponent finally finished off his or mows your from the field.

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