Tip: The best free Photoshop plugins

With plugins, many programs can be upgraded. Photoshop plugins miss the graphics program capabilities at your fingertips, have to tinker for even the most talented graphic artists long. We call the sources for the best free plugins!

Tip: The best free Photoshop plugins

The format of the so-called Photoshop plugin is now used much cross. Besides Photoshop, many of these plugins can be integrated by programs such as Corel Paint Shop Pro and similar applications and used. Photoshop itself is not exactly cheap and so different specialist firms have specialized to attack the dependent computer graphic even deeper into their pockets. With a wide range of Photoshop plug-ins to extend the program, they facilitate our work and enable us with special effects amazed. Even more amazing, though, that there are not so few providers of free Photoshop plugins that be worthwhile. We present here a few times before.

Important Note: The filters have different installation routines. We should have dealt with the subsequent installation of Photoshop plugins traveled once. Especially if one wants to use it in another program. Some of the programs come as executable setup. Other than script files that must be loaded with the Adobe Extension Manager. Some have different installations for the different versions of Photoshop. So if something does not work immediately, please read first doubt, the reference to the website or the accompanying information!

More than a Photoshop plug-in: Perfect Effects Free

Many of these plugins are installed so that they are accessible only from Photoshop. They are applied in the case of the currently loaded image as a filter and you can still make some adjustments.

More than a free Photoshop plugin: Perfect EffectsMore than a free Photoshop plugin: Perfect Effects

This is slightly different in Perfect Effects Free. And that makes it interesting for users of other graphics programs. Of course, it can be as a Photoshop plug-in use, but beyond that it is also installed as a separate program and can also be called without Photoshop and Co. from the desktop. One can it load a graphic and apply to these different then finished filter. On request, even several times and mixed. Before you save the whole thing, can the result still provided with their own settings. Very interesting concept.


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