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If you want to calculate your Bachelor note, you do not need complicated tools or online calculator. In the following article we will show you how your undergraduate grade can easily calculate the scoring for office suite table processing program Excel.

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calculate Bachelor grade &# 8211; How it works&# 8217; s

The bachelor's program is a Europe-wide, uniform system in which the individual compartments with points, the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) are weighted. Therefore, you can not simply add up all the notes &# 8211; her they must first settle with the respective ECTS points. To calculate the Bachelor note, its proceeds as follows:

  1. Multiplies the touch of a compartment with the respective ECTS points.
  2. Does that then for each subject and the sum of all subjects added.
  3. Added then all ECTS points and calculates the sum.
  4. Divides the charged compartments (point 2) to the sum of all ECTS points (point 3).
  5. The result is your bachelor's average mark.

Note: Depending on the course make subjects more than once (for example, twice) weighted, other subjects, however, are not included in the assessment. For more information, you can extract the best of your current program regulations.

What is a Bachelor? More than you think

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calculate Bachelor grade &# 8211; so is&# 8217; s with Excel

Excel is a program with which you can calculate the sums of various rows and columns in a few steps. Think up the best right at the beginning of your studies, an Excel spreadsheet with your grades and subjects at &# 8211; so you are always up to date Learn more about useful software for your studies you will find the way in our guide software for study (1). This freeware needs of each student.

To calculate your Bachelor note with Excel makes her the following:

  1. Lie down on a table with four columns and as many rows as you have subjects. Later, additional lines can be added. How do you create a table, you read in the Guide Create Excel spreadsheet - in 5 steps to the finished table.
  2. the name of the event comes in the first column, in the second the note and in the third the ECTS. The fourth column is initially empty.
  3. Writes now in the fourth column of the first line of the formula = B1 * C1 &# 8211; With this formula it Excel give the instruction columns 2 (marks) and column 3 (ECTS) to be multiplied with each other.
  4. Copies the formula = B1 * C1 and inserts it in every row in the fourth column.
  5. Now it moves to the third column and carry on underen end of the table the sum of all ECTS point. Writes under the last entry in the third column, the formula = sum (C1: Cx). The x replaced it by the number of subjects &# 8211; at 15 compartments, e.g. by the value of 15 °.
  6. The same are you doing then in the fourth column. Wear at the bottom of the formula = sum (C1: Cx) replace a (x again by the number of subjects So you calculate the sum of the weights ECTS ended notes..
  7. Recently it adds in the fifth column (next to the newly calculated ECTS grades sum) Formula D15 / C15 A &# 8211; Excel calculates yourselves with the current undergraduate average mark or your final grade for a complete list of grades.

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