Nexus 4: Back and battery but interchangeable

One of the currently most discussed topics in the Android range are battery - but this is not so much about their maturity, but rather whether they are interchangeable or permanently installed. The battery in the Nexus 4 is indeed permanently installed, but can still be exchanged with a bit of skill.

Nexus 4: Back and battery but interchangeable

While I have no problem with it personally if a battery is permanently installed in a smart phone, there are many users who attach importance value of being able to replace the power source of her pocket computer as needed. Accordingly, there was some criticism of the Nexus 4, which was officially unveiled last week as laid dormant in the new Google flagship of the battery behind a non-removable back. So irrefutable that Umstabd now seems but not to be, because as already whether the first photos of the Nexus suspected 4-inner life, both the back and the battery in the Nexus 4 can be relatively easily removed - only a little bit of skill is required.

First, the two Torx screws must then be gently levered the small plastic clips (with appropriate tools or a thin guitar pick) solved in the device bottom and so that the rear side can be removed. The battery is additionally secured by two screws once you have solved this, it can be exchanged for a fresh model.

Nexus 4: Back and battery but interchangeable

Granted, for everyday wear, this is certainly not very practical, but in the event that the battery - for whatever reason - once gives up the ghost and the warranty does not exert a particularly great charm, it is good to know that you can also own can lend a hand. This is particularly reassuring way, given the fragile back, has already received its Gorilla Glass 2 layer in the review of The Verge a first crack. The necessary spare parts provided that it therefore does not appear to be necessary to return the Nexus 4 each time when the glass back flaw has fortunately.

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