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The webapp VTunnel allows viewing web pages that are locally actually locked, for example, in a corporate network or country.

Best known is probably the eternal YouTube message when calling the latest music videos: &# 8220; This video is not available in your country.&# 8221; But many corporate networks have long filter lists of websites where employees &# 8211; the company management's opinion &# 8211; like to while away their time. These are often sites like Facebook or YouTube, but sometimes even the Google web search.

Technically, it is of course not the same if a site like YouTube blocks all IP blocks, because they belong to certain countries where a service is not offered, or whether a corporate firewall excludes well-defined domains. However, both problems can be solved with a VPN tunnel (mostly). For this, the webapp VTunnel offers itself for example.

A VPN tunnel used for anonymous communication. An Internet provider who refuses certain services can, they will be obscured for example. A corporate firewall can not see where a page view is actually made, because it is encrypted. Only the VTunnel page itself is recognizable. Websites get reversed only shown the IP address that VTunnel generated. The actual page caller is no longer recognizable.

The VPN Service VTunnel is available free of charge, but but you have to accept quite aggressive advertising of the service, and not just on the home page of the web app itself, but also on all called within the VPN tunnel anonymous pages.

Conclusion: VTunnel leaves a somewhat mixed impression. On the one hand VTunnel provides quick and easy anonymity and an unfiltered Web, but which I have found very disturbing many advertising.

fromHolger Blessenohl

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