Dragon’s Dogma – Dark Arisen: romances with NPCs

In the newly established RPG classic from 2012 called Dragon&# 8217; s Dogma: Dark Arisen fights her dragons, ogres, Cyclops, Harpies and other creatures. These struggles, however, it denies not only because you are the Awakened, but because you have a secret love that awaits you at the end of the role play in her bed.

Yes, you heard right: there is romances in Dragon&# 8217; s Dogma: Dark Arisen. However, do you not perceive it during the game much &# 8211; During this time you must namely win the favor of your treasure. Only at the end of Dragon&# 8217; s Dogma is celebrating its victory over the dragon with another person in an intimate way. Which person is then you can decide. In this guide you learn more about romances in Dragon&# 8217; s Dogma: Dark Arisen.

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Dragon&# 8217; s Dogma &# 8211; Dark Arisen: romances role-play

The system of romances in Dragon&# 8217; s Dogma: Dark Arisen is something gewohnungsbedürftig. Your quasi see not, who is your sweetheart until her The end of the role play have achieved. It remains so you just waiting to trust that her during Dragon&# 8217; s dogma right deeds done have to take your beloved or your beloved at the end in his arms.

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It is, incidentally, no matter what gender has your character and what NPC. Dragon&# 8217; s Dogma knows no skin color, no age, no size and no sex. But of course there are limits that affect your choice of partner. So you have to exclude as potential love affair some partners. In addition, automatically your vassals locked out.

To fight against this dragon, helps only faith in love ... and strong armsTo fight against this dragon, only helps the faith in love&# 8230; and strong arms

These are all possible romances in Dragon&# 8217; s Dogma: Dark Arisen for the PC:

  • Reynard
  • Valmiro
  • Julien
  • Fournival
  • Aldous
  • Ser Maximilian
  • Ser Jerrome
  • Aelinore
  • Selene
  • Quina
  • Mercedes
  • Symone
  • Madeleine

exchanging gifts to NPCs and conquer heart

To role-play Dragon&# 8217; s Dogma: Dark Arisen a romance To begin, you have to deal with you closer to the person. Your only conquered the heart of the person, if you will give the NPC gifts. For this, however, you must first favorites DER or out of that. A false gift you can drop significantly on the sympathy ladder.

Your romance you see at the end of Dragon's Dogma: Dark ArisenYour romance you see at the end of Dragon&# 8217; s Dogma: Dark Arisen

So you should therefore find out which Item your future love affair like the most. This works best if you with it &# 8220; spends time&# 8221; and with the person talks. So you can find out, for example, that Selene the Toadstool likes and duchess is already convinced that if her doing her small quests.

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But then you have spent even more time with another NPC, the sympathy points thus rise for that person, and this can then be your true love in the end. Most people we have enumerated above, you meet in a Quest. Meets these so that the affection rises between you. saves better before the corresponding quest. loses it namely, the affection drops. So you can once again start the task.

The system of the romances in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen ist sehr schwierig zu beeinflussen, jedoch könnt ihr es mit einigen Geschenken versuchenThe system of the romances in Dragon&# 8217; s Dogma: Dark Arisen is very difficult to influence, but you can try it with some gifts

Around to present gifts to a NPC, You only have to introduce you to him and talk to him. Do you see the interaction Given, you can recruit as a potential treasure this NPC. Just try out a few items that you want to give and watches makes the reaction that the NPC. At the reaction you see whether the gift was good or bad. If you are you unsure stores just before starting.

Affection increase by ring &# 8220; Big duty&# 8221;

Do you want to play it safe, the ring &# 8220; Big duty&# 8221; just right for you. About Give her this as a gift to the appropriate NPC, you can affection to the utmost increase. You gain the ring in two ways:

  1. You gain the ring in dragon Forged, if you bring an item to him. There is a slate fragment. This is her again only at the grave of the grandmother and then only if your vassals are deeply connected to you.
  2. But you can him combine. To do this you mix a flower of the rocks of the Crimson shore with a stone &# 8220; Love Uncut&# 8221 ;. The stone you get at the end of the Duchess Quest &# 8220; A Duchess in need&# 8221 ;.


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