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The VLC Media Player Nightly Download brings you the preview version of the popular media player on the computer with which you can get to know in the final only upcoming features in advance. However, it must be expected in the nightly edition with bugs and instabilities.

The VLC Media Player is one of the most popular programs for playing videos and music for a long time. This is certainly the fact that the application takes place just about all audio and video formats, without the need for additional codecs. Even data carriers such as CD and DVD of the VLC media player plays music and video without difficulty, and the open source software is also able to stream media to other devices on the network.

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Meet Upcoming feature of the Media Player pre-: VLC Media Player Nightly Download

While the above-linked, final version of the VLC Media Player is already stable, there is the here offered VLC Media Player Nightly Download still under development. Accordingly, you have to expect bugs and instabilities, if you decide to use the nightly build of VLC Media Player. For this, the program offers you the opportunity to learn about features that are not yet available in the final and only be implemented in future versions. Also available is VLC Media Player Beta.

The current download VLC Media Player Nightly with the version number 3.0, the most important new feature is in addition to the implementation of some improvements in terms of appearance and performance to support the Chromecast stick. About this you can with the VLC Media Player to stream multimedia content to your television and watch there. All new features you can read in the official changelog at the manufacturer.

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  • VLC Media Player Nightly VLC Media Player - a brief test of the video-rounder


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