The Sims 4 – treats: Create your own restaurant and direct

The gameplay Pack Treats for the life simulation The Sims 4 adds you eat in. Here you can not only visit your friends or your date, but also create its own restaurant and direct. We show you how to do it.

With the add-on Get to work It was previously possible, a bakery or boutique to create. With the forthcoming enlargement you get all sorts of options to ensure a successful restaurant chain to establish in the Sim world. In your own restaurant you can Employee hire, promote, demote or terminate and On the menu select and Free rounds throw for good guests. As you in The Sims 4 treats a own and especially Create successful restaurant and can lead, we tell you in this Guide.

See here the official gameplay trailer from EA for the culinary delights gameplay pack on &Restaurants; # 8220&# 8221 ;:

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The Sims 4 &# 8211; Flavors: So you can create a restaurant

In The Sims 4 treats you have the choice: Build your own restaurant, take a prefabricated Maxis or invites you one from the gallery down. If you opt for the latter, you should be careful. In the test, the gameplay packs it came more often that while the waiter came to the table with the food, but in the end no food ended up on the table. This bug will cause you go west many points that you will receive if the food tastes good. but more on that later.

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Do you want your build its own restaurant, do you need the following objects indispensable to ensure the building is classified in the category Restaurant:

  • 1x sink
  • 1x toilet
  • 1x Kuechenprofi station
  • 4x gastronomy
  • 1x waiter station
  • 1x reception

Sink and toilet use your employees, preferably your waiter. Your guests will never go (almost) to the toilet. So the sink can also stand in the kitchen. Pro Cook is with a kitchen pro station needed. Throughout the game, you can set a second cooking &# 8211; remember to buy a second kitchen station. Several Waiter but share a waiter station. Under food court sees The Sims 4 tables and chairs. Among them is no decoration. Of course, it's not hard to get over the minimum requirements.

Did you not feel like your own restaurant, you may also be enjoyed with friends in another.Did you not feel like your own restaurant, you may also be enjoyed with friends in another.

To own a restaurant, it does not take much. Just click on your mobile phone or the button right in the groin. Click on the arrow to open the drop-down menu and &# 8220; buy Restaurant&# 8221; to choose. Now you have to select you an existing restaurant. Of course you have to have previously built a house yourself or downloaded from the gallery and then placed. At the beginning you have to transfer budget of your budget to the restaurant. That you need because any purchase for your restaurant is taken from this fund. Threatens her to be broke, can protect her your household account. However, any bills must be paid on this account if your business budget is spent.

The food critic comes along at irregular intervals and wants to see the quality of your restaurants.The food critic comes along at irregular intervals and wants to see the quality of your restaurants.

Running a successful restaurant &# 8211; Tips

Rough Start &# 8211; remains not fire even when The Sims 4 treats. Especially at the beginning you are fighting with the red numbers. We first focused on the development of our employees and then wondered why all are unhappy. After several promotions, money was scarce. So you do not happen the same mistakes, you will find below some tips like her a conduct successful and lucrative Restaurant can:

  • Trains your employees so they quickly improve their skills. but remember that they require quickly after promotion, as they become better. Can you not afford you that, you can also train without subsidies. Praises or criticizes them when they have something good or bad made. They also learn to &# 8211; only slower.
  • At the beginning you will have hardly any guests because your rating is not good. Guests are always more frequently if the daytime (Breakfast, lunch or dinner) and the Appreciation Right. We made the experience that especially in the evening more guests were present.
  • Hovering over over your guests to find out why their score looks accordingly. If the service is too slow, you have to set either an extra waiter or cook. Also, you can click on your chef and choose that he should spend less time preparing food. But then suffers the quality.
These settings are very important. Here edited her your menu, the outfits of the staff and selects your profit margin, which is crucial for your eventual price.These settings are very important. Here edited her your menu, the outfits of the staff and selects your profit margin, which is crucial for your eventual price.
  • The Selection of dishes on your menu is also very important. At the beginning of your cook can presumably only food with a difficulty of 1.5. Send him to training so that he can cook more elaborate and more expensive dishes.
  • The affected the rating your guests: food quality and selection of ingredients (can be enabled with a later advantage), hospitality by the reception Lord, waiting time (by waiters and cooks causes) and the support of you as a manager.
  • Is the quality of your food is low, it should also cost less. Increased their prices gradually, the quality must also rise.
  • Write your restaurant Red numbers and it slips into the red, you are allowed to reopen only after you have paid the household account the debt.
  • Also uses especially the Advantages. Some are short-lived, others are forever. Advantages receive her fast when her vistor and selects check table. So you collect on the day about 1,000 points together (depends on number of guests on). Praise your employees or criticized them when they have done something wrong. Even so, you get the coveted points.

New free update opens gender boundaries in Sims 4

  • Employees can only 4 times are conveyed until they land on stage. 5 Higher it gets. Are they working &# 8220; neutral&# 8221; set, you do not even carry them. But let ye for more than 10 hours a day work, they may terminate on its own.
  • Come in restaurant critic to visit, you should show your best side of you, absolutely. he sits at the table, click on it and choose to prioritize so that his food comes quick order. Talk to him and give him a free dessert, so he is happy. Have cleared her 4 or 5 stars, the day also have more guests then to you.
Provides with heat lamps and table decoration for a nice ambience.Provides with heat lamps and table decoration for a nice ambience.

Read on us, you can download from the web as their cool hairstyles, outfits and objects for The Sims. 4

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