Game of Thrones: Here you read the end of the fantasy series

The end of Game of Thrones is coming slowly but surely. The seventh season just ended, after the eighth season is then definitely concluded. Already there are many fan theories on the net, as the series will end - and one of these theories is obviously true! That says at least the actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and it would have to actually know.

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In an interview with the British newspaper Observer revealed Coster-Waldau is that you can Game of Thrones finds all storylines in the many fan forums, which are then ultimately also appear in the series. In addition, he claims that one of the fan theories the end of the series completely and correctly predicts. Which is, unfortunately, he does not say, but. We therefore once looked at the five scenarios mentioned most frequently - one of which may be the end of Game of Thrones.

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At this point once again to point out that right now massive spoiler will follow!

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Game-of-Thrones-end: who ascends the Iron Throne?

Whoever lands on the iron throne at the end of Game of Thrones, is currently probably one of the frequently discussed issues in the network. The entire vast fan base is wondering how the series will end and the course involves the risk that any information already be leaked. Therefore, the producers of the eighth season will apparently intentionally turn fake scenes with alternative ends to confuse the media and overzealous fans.

Game of Thrones endEnd up winning the White Walkers? Picture: HBO

HBO program director Casey Bloys said in an interview with the US newspaper The Morning Call that this measure due to the enormous popularity of Game of Thrones was simply required "With such a show you have to just do this," said Bloy. With the trickery should the answer to the burning question, such as "Game of Thrones" for starts now, are kept secret until the end.

but according to George R. R. Martin there yet already some Fans who know the end. He had found some time ago when he had the numerous fan theories about Game of Thrones even looked at more closely. Exactly what we do now!

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Possible end of Game of Thrones fan theories at a glance

1. Cersei ascends the Iron Throne and unites Westeros

This variant is very optimistic - maybe even a little too optimistic. Cersei takes the throne, all get along and form an alliance. then join forces succeed in defeating the White Walkers. All's well that ends well. We are honest: That sounds to us a bit too friendly for the brutal world of Game of Thrones.

 2. All die, win the White Walkers

This theory suggests the exact opposite, but very unlikely, it is not - after all, it would not be Game of Thrones without the extra dose of death and destruction. If you are not exactly fans of the White Walkers or night-king, but should you little appeal this end. George RR Martin also said that with a bittersweet end must expect - and a complete victory of the White Walkers would indeed be bitter but not a bit sweet.

Who ascends the Iron ThroneOne theory is that Cersei united the throne besteigtund Westeros. Picture: HBO

3. Bran travels back in time

After being united with the three-eyed raven Bran has developed unexpected powers and can affect its environment in an unexpected way and go back into the past. It is also clear that Bran was drawn through the night King and has a special relationship with him. Travels he might return in time to prevent the emergence of the White Walkers to rectify everything and save Westeros in this way?

4. A child saves the world

This theory is: Jon and Danaerys conceive a child, even though they are related. This child then combined Westeros and brings the peace that all hope for. Without loss but it does not proceed: Jon dies in the fight against the whites hikers, Danaerys giving birth to her child. Somehow this end is unlikely, since it would take a huge time jump between Season 7 and 8 to feed the child.

Game of Thrones end Jamie LannisterJamie Lannister knows! Picture: HBO

5. Jon Snow kills Danaerys dragon and save Westeros

This is a fairly long theory based on the Game-of-Thrones books. Thus, you need a sagemumwobene weapon called Lightbringer, the White Walkers stop. This weapon but must first be reforged, so that they can be guided Azor Ahai also called the hero of prophecy. This character is snow in reality Jon. He forges the sword, kills the dragon of Danaerys to harden the sword in his blood and then defeated the white walkers. In the end, everyone is happy.

What this ends you think is most likely? Or have you yet another guess how Game of Thrones will cease. Write us in the comments!

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