Total War – Warhammer: Graphic Mods and more, we show you the most modifications

The community of Total War &# 8211; Warhammer was already very busy and created some mods. These have both influence on the single player and the multiplayer features. On this page we show you what Total War &# 8211; Warhammer mods are worthwhile and give the old world a new shine.

If ye new mods for Total War &# 8211; Warhammer want to get, we recommend you that you take a close look at the descriptions, because it relies on restrictions language Edition or general compatibility can give. So you can get to mods, you must either itself be creative or use the features of the Steam Workshop. Read this guide to our mods in Total War &# 8211; Warhammer.

Sweet FX Mod &# 8211; the graphical polish:

A very interesting mod is the Sweet FX Mod. This you can activate during the game on and off in order to upgrade the graphics. The difference is large and makes the game look much nicer. The details are increased, the color filter refined and your units swirling a lot thick dust clouds on.

M.C.O.T.D.V.C.S.C. or variations of undead

Behind this complicated abbreviations puts the Mousillon City Of The Damned Vampire Counts Subfaction Conversion Mod. This gives you a wide variety of details and different models for the skeletons and zombies Vampire Counts. In particular, the models for former soldiers Bretonnia here are very nice to look at.

The Vampire Counts spread terror in enemy countries

larger units

This mod from Phillip is almost self-explanatory. You gain more monsters and units. The number of individual fighters increases per unit if your graphics card can lift the mod.

  • Normal infantry rises from 120 to 150 and 160 to 200 soldiers.
  • On average, your armies are about 25% greater.

larger units

Conquer Anywhere & Diplomatic Options

With this mod you can every settlement conquer or occupy, regardless of which faction you play. The limitations when taking enemy settlements is thus canceled.

Green Skins Teef Currency

With this mod you can switch to the currency teeth Greenskin of gold.

Total War - Warhammer: Graphic Mods and more, we show you the most modifications

Legendary Lord Unique Starting Position

Magnar has developed this mod, you can place with which you your legendary commander in one of the various fractions of a people to play with them the campaign. This is only possible for Koop and multiplayer campaigns.

New Start fractions

Improved Loadings Screens

the Modder Nitz has created a way how you can receive more creative loading screens. You gain new artworks and thus more color and variety during charging.

new artworkOne of the many new artwork.

Playable Faction Mousillon

A new group will of Ailan & Morkai integrated into the game. You can play with new units and its own version of the game this people.

The fraction MousillonThe fraction Mousillon

Empire of Sigmar

The Empire gets grown! Prime Minister Sinister introduce yourself new 12 Units for the Empire available.

Empire of Sigmar

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