FIFA 16 is now a few months on the market. That in 2016 a football game from EA Sports will appear, is beyond doubt. However, while one could expect a major football tournament in addition to the normal offshoot of the FIFA series with a game to European or World Championship in recent years, it seems this year is different. Since the rights for Euro 2016 will be Konami, there will be until the second half of the year with FIFA 17, a new EA Sports soccer game.

Just before Christmas it was announced in Konami that the European Championship will be integrated as a free DLC in PES 2016th Details or even an official announcement by EA Sports is not yet available to FIFA 17th Nevertheless, a publication is considered safe, after all, a new FIFA game for current consoles and the PC is published annually since 1,993th

FIFA 17: release date

Even before the new FIFA game was even announced by EA Sports, a release date is passed around. The portal reported that the FIFA 17 release on September 22, should be. The release date seems realistic, after all, the last FIFA offshoot also appeared between the 20th and 30th of September. In addition, there will again be a demo, which will provide an insight into the gameplay in slimmed extent this year. The demo will be playable from the 6th September, while it is to go from 13 September in the new Ultimate Team Season with the FUT app.


FIFA 17: New cover star?

At the beginning of the year there are at least the first rumors of a new cover star for the FIFA series. After Lionel Messi could be seen on the cover of FIFA games since 2013, the contract runs out this year with the Argentine superstar. In Germany, Messi was last seen as a single player, in other countries it has been the superstar from FC Barcelona a national top kicker on the side. Like the cover in FIFA look in other countries 16, you can see in our corresponding overview page.

In the French football and sport magazine "L'Equipe" one gerüchtet already have a new cover star for FIFA 17. Thus, the take no less talented Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid Messi's place on the cover of the new FIFA game. However, Ronaldo has, like his &# 8220; La Liga&# 8221; -Kollege Neymar, a contract with the competition from Konami. Even James Rodriguez could be the next big star on the cover. At the same time the possibility, however, is not excluded to extend the expiring contract with Messi. Before the season, no one on the list had him, but also of surprise striker Jamie Vardy from Leicester City could at least make their way to the FIFA 17 cover art in the UK market. Lionel Messi could be seen not only on the cover of the football simulation, but also starred in several commercials for the FIFA games.

Lionel Messi in the TV spot for FIFA 14:

7322FIFA 14 TV Spot Lionel Messi

FIFA 17: scope and Teams

Also new licenses in FIFA 17 there is still no information. Elsewhere, we believe all the rumors about the new team in FIFA 17 together. Among other Chinese teams could make their way into the game and the number of available expand women's national teams. The rights for the implementation of the Champions and Europa League and European Championship 2016 are meanwhile at Konami and the Pro Evolution soccer series.

# FIFA17. Ryktes at COD OGSA ville ha noen av bildene.

One of Andrine Stolsmo Hegerberg (@andrinestolsmo) gepostetes photo on March 7, 2016 at 4:03 AM

The former international players from France, Thierry Henry, fueled new rumors that he for an unspecified named computer game has can be scanned. Quite possible that Henry will be part of the legends in Ultimate Team, after the world and European champions finished recently his career at RB New York in the US MLS.

FIFA 17: Story Mode

The basketball simulation NBA 2K16 convincing not only because his extensive story mode. EA Sports might want to take a leaf out therefrom. In February, the web site of EA Sports for a &# 8220; Cinematic designer&# 8221; searched for FIFA 17th This is expected to produce within a video game and have an eye for a realistic and at the same time exciting character narrative story content. Within the story mode you could send up a talent of his first shoes lacing at the professional level a world star.

shutterstock_380760580FIFA 17 comes with the Chinese league?

FIFA 17: Wish list for new features

Once there are new details about FIFA 17, we will inform you about it here. Like every year, makes particularly the question of new FIFA licenses. This year, fans of the FIFA series have new hopes for an introduction of the 3rd Liga in Germany. Also in the house of EA Sports to be quite interested in the integration of the German lower house with its traditional teams like Chemnitzer FC and Dynamo Dresden and Stuttgarter Kickers. An official appearance of the Champions League, it is however not give in FIFA 17th Last year, the rights treaty of the UEFA was first extended by Konami.

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