Unlock alternate ending and find secret room: Inside

Do you play the puzzle platformer Inside by, you get presents an impressive, but also disturbing end. Middle of the game, however, you can still unlock a secret end that you get only when you have collected all orbs. We show you what you have to do to activate the alternate ending in Inside.

So just makes us play Dead but not to the secret end to see in their Platformer adventure Inside. You have to back into a space that you already know, but not yet weiterkamt. In this guide we'll tell you how you can find in Inside the secret room and especially the unlock alternate ending. In the end, we have a video for you that you should only see her when her with spoilers get along.

Limbo - the spiritual predecessor of Inside - is also available as app. Here our test this:

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Inside &# 8211; Unlock secret Completion Requirements

In order to be able to unlock the alternate ending in Inside, you have to variety conditions create. First, it is important that you have collected in Platformer all light points. To have to 13 Orbs be. Your always get a success once you have caught a lamp. In our Guide to all successes and achievements in Inside you will also find a video with the Localities all Orbs in the game.

Pre inside for PC now*

In addition, you must travel to the chapter in which her while cornfield starts. Middle of the field there is a Trapdoor that you can open it. Among them is a be secret hiding. Perhaps you know this already bunker because you can find a Orb here. climbs the ladder down and run to the Left, to snatch at the red dot. Right you can see a lever in a console. Were you already here below, you will have noticed her that you can do nothing here. Only when you have collected all the orbs hear her comical Sounds in the secret room that indicate to you that you can now unlock the alternate ending of Inside.

Starts at this cornfield and run to the right, on and on into the field in order to find the trapdoor.Starts at this cornfield and run to the right, on and on into the field in order to find the trapdoor.

Lever system for secret end

Once in the secret room, you will find a lever on the right side of the hiding place. To get ahead now, you have a right combination Find. In the terminal you can see already that the lever up, can be pushed left and right. The lever must be moved in the following directions, so you can see the alternate ending in Inside:

  • 3x up
  • 1x right
  • 3x left
  • 2x upward
  • 1x right
  • 1x left
  • 3x right

Now we need only follow the secret path and Machinery, the finds her at the end, switch off. Have you considered you the secret end, be reset all orbs. So will you look at you the second end again, you must re-collect all the points of light. In this video by YouTuber Beard Bear you see the secret end without that you have to catch all the orbs: Read on us, as the platform puzzler Inside arrived in our test.

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