Xbox One Games 2016: The big list of exclusive titles

Last year, Xbox One owner had a few disappointments are clear: many titles have been moved and resulted in a rather average year. To change this in the 2016 Games, Microsoft promises the best lineup of exclusive titles of all time on the Xbox One. We'll show you in our overview of which are games there.

The five best games for the XBOX ONE:

23191Top 5 Games for XBOX ONE

The year has just begun, and we take an opportunity to look at all the Games year. This immediately stands out: Microsoft has big plans for the Xbox One lot! With songs like Quantum Break and Gears of War 4 are two very big games in the wings, to which we have been waiting eagerly. But who thinks that that's all that the Xbox has to offer this year, which is completely wrong.

We show you here the games that will appear in 2016 exclusively for the Xbox One. Here included are games that are first of all time exclusive to the console that are releast alongside the Xbox version and the PC, or Microsoft Windows as well as games, &# 8211; including titles such as Halo Wars 2 or Recore.

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Xbox One Games 2016: The big list of exclusive titles

The first bad news of the year we had to cope with already, because Scale Bound was postponed a second time and will now appear until the 2017th But now we dedicate ourselves rather be back positive things: We'll show you why it is still worthwhile to dust off the Xbox One &# 8211; 2016 could be a great year thanks to many great exclusives!

Gears of War 4

8279Gears of War 4

Last year we were able to enjoy the Ultimate Edition of Gears of War &# 8211; but that was only a small taste of what to expect this year: Gears of War 4. Since 2011, we have to wait for a story-technical successor to the Gears of War series. Although 2013 Gears of War appeared: Judgment, but the story takes place 15 years before the events of the first part. So we can look forward that we can walk around with thick shootas again this year and the opponents fear is written on their faces forward. Unfortunately we have to wait a little longer for the release, because the will probably be only in the fourth quarter of the year.


2371Inside trailer

How much did us Limbo then captivated: At last we can look forward to a spiritual successor! The makers of Play Dead are already in the development of Inside. At E3 2014, the game was first announced and now we can finally look forward to this year probably the game. But PlayStation 4 fans need not mourn too much, because Inside will probably appear only temporarily exclusive to the Xbox. When can we expect exactly one release is so far still in the stars &# 8211; the anticipation is still large.


6284Gigantic Trailer.mp4

With Gigantic another free-2-play title is launched &# 8211; the MOBA mixing game with its unique design could see to March last year for the first cheering arias, because there will be a cross-play feature. So Xbox players get the chance to duel with PC players to find out who is the best. Even a well-known name appears among the developers of the game on James Phinelley &# 8211; He worked already for Guild Wars and StarCraft as lead designer.


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