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In Microsoft Word can easily insert comments. This ye may correct a document or save notes, without changing the original text or interrupt. We fits their comments in Word, processed hides and removed, we show you here.

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insert comments: Word

Into a Word document, insert a comment, it does the following:

  1. Opens the Word document in which you want to insert a comment.
  2. Marked within the text want the cut, the comment you &# 8211; that can be a single letter, a word or whole sentences and text segments.
  3. Click with the right mouse button on the marker and select from the popup menu New Comment.

    Here you can insert a comment in Word.Here you can insert a comment in Word.

  4. Alternatively, you click on the menu bar on the top tab and then check on the button New Comment.
  5. The comment is added at the right margin of the text. There you can write something in its text box.
Right on the edge is the comment.Right on the edge is the comment.

Note: the commentary each of your name or your initials and the date each is completed. This information can you adjust from the File menu options. Have you set up an account for office, usually the deposited there user name is used for comments. This can override it by her Always use the hook for these values ​​is independent of the account at Office.

Here you can change their your comment name.Here you can change their your comment name.

Hide comments

If you want to delete the comments in the document temporarily but do not group that goes like this:

  1. Opens the tab Check.
  2. Show clicks the comments.
  3. Thus, the comments are displayed or hidden depending on the settings.
Here you can hide your comments.Here you can hide your comments.

A detailed guide on what you can while still adjust everything, can be found here: Word: one Comments and Hide &# 8211; That's how it's done.

Word edit comments & Erase

Have you inserted in a document one or more comments, you can freely edit it at any time. Also, you can respond to their own and others' comments. Comments can also delete from the document:

  1. Click the appropriate comment on Word edges.
  2. Click on the top tab and then check the Delete button.
Here clears her Word comments.Here clears her Word comments.

Here you learn the way how to insert her a Word section break edit & you can delete them.

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