NVIDIA Shield Tablet K1: Specifications, Release and Price – Complete info at GIGA

NVIDIA Shield Tablet K1: Specifications, Release and Price - Complete info at GIGAGIGA-rating: Reader Rating:


When NVIDIA Shield Tablet K1 is a high-end gaming tablet at an affordable price. The 16 GB tablet Californian is equipped, inter alia with an 8 inch display and the performance Tegra K1 processor.

Gaming for a small price: NVIDIA introduces the Shield K1 a gaming tablet from a suggested retail price of only 199 euros. Thus the performance high-end tablet is 100 euros cheaper than its predecessor, the NVIDIA Shield Tablet. it underlines the naming Shield K1 the installed processor Tegra K1 made by NVIDIA, this is still no new ground - in fact, the two tablets are nearly identical. However, the NVIDIA Tegra K1 will be without stylus and AC adapter is for this but as mentioned much cheaper.

NVIDIA Shield K1 - specifications

Specifications such as design: Optical changes are hardly to be reported, only the Speaker Grille have experienced marginal visual changes. A decision on the NVIDIA Tegra K1 is obtained a gaming tablet with 2GB of RAM, an 8-inch Full HD screen with a resolution of 1,920 x 200 pixels, 5 MP cameras on the front and back as well as 16 GB internal memory ,

display8-inch Full HD screen, 1920 x 1200 pixels
processorTegra K1, quad-core, 2.2 GHz per core
random access memory2 GB of RAM
Internal memory16 GB internal memory (with microSD card expandable)
cameraeach 5 megapixel camera on the front and back
operating systemAndroid 5.1 Lollipop
Dimensions (b / h / t)126 mm, 221 mm, 9.2 mm
OthersGPS, LTE, WiFi, Bluetooth


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The specifications are located in the high-end sector, no question - but what draws the NVIDIA K1 specifically as a gaming tablet from? Reasons of the hardware manufacturer is supplying more than a few: If you have a NVIDIA graphics card, the applications running on the computer games that support Game stream, stream over the home network to the tablet and continue playing on this. In addition, games can be streamed directly to the tablet with GeForce Now, as for example, Netflix does with movies and series. So you can gamble on the handheld AAA PC games. Furthermore, the front speakers are to be mentioned as an advantage, in addition, the tablet software has features such as a native recording capability - with the also conveniently Let&# 8217; s Plays can be recorded.

NVIDIA Shield K1: Price, Available and accessories


The NVIDIA Shield K1 is now available for 199.99 Euro *NVIDIA Shield Tablet K1: Specifications, Release and Price - Complete info at GIGA. Next, the Shield Controller for 59.99 Euro *NVIDIA Shield Tablet K1: Specifications, Release and Price - Complete info at GIGA be acquired and the stylus 2 is one with a price of 19.99 euros for accessories. Although the gaming tablet can be charged with any standard micro-USB charger who wants to purchase an additional (and official) power supply, will pay 24.99 euros - but receives also adapters for each international power format.


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