Story of Seasons: Unlock Safari and find rare animals

So you will not get bored in the agricultural simulation Story of Seasons, you can you enjoy not only your yard. The Safari invites you to sift rare material and wild animals in Story of Seasons and collect. 

Harvest Moon offshoot Story of Seasons ye can experience much. So you build for example on plants that are seasonal. In addition, you beasts can Keep the fun on your farm and married a villager. If you all this eventually become boring, you should take a look definitely the Safari Park in Story of Seasons. How can it unlock and why it is worth visiting, learn it in this guide.

The safari Story of Seasons brings you wild animals and rare materialThe safari Story of Seasons brings you wild animals and rare material

Story of Seasons &# 8211; Safari tour with the Nintendo 3DS

In the field of Safari Park you find rare material in Story of Seasons, which is why a trip there very worthwhile. Make your way to the South of the area and remember one hammer take. To the Mines Points you can receive rare items, for example, black stones or bricks. Improved their your Hammer also still increases your chance to obtain rare items.

Buy Story of Seasons and immediately begin a safari tour*

Also, you can on the safari Story of Seasons For wild animals and befriending them. Increases your friendship level, you hand over the animals a uniquely present. Will you also still other animals unlock for your safari tour, you must befriending dealers.

In the Safari Story of Seasons there are more animals than on your farmIn the Safari Story of Seasons there are more animals than on your farm

Could you get hold of a new wild animal must to her Gunther run from the safari park and talk to him. He then expands the wildlife park and adds the species. Will you also feeding animals, have to watch her next:

  • then throw food pushes the animals in the direction of the feed on the ground and.
  • Do you want feed aquatic animals, But seek first the special: it works like feeding areas and throw the food here. Then jumps into the water and moving the animals.

Unlock Safari and leave

a safari in Story of Seasons unlock, is doing the following:

  1. Play the game until the first autumn the first year. appears only now Agate.
  2. Now go to guild and there solves their return and thus the opening of the Safari from.
  3. You can now even Every day visit the wildlife park.

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Now you have two possibilities, to the Safari Park to enter:

  • In between 9 and 17 o'clock can you now guild enter to there with with Mayor Veronica to talk and tell her that you want to Safari.
  • Make your way to a stable and here selects the option to go on safari.
On the Safari there are also watersOn the Safari there are also waters

If you opt for Possibility Number 1, can you be up 16 animals (No pets and horses) take from you. Every animal that you will take with on safari cost you 100 G. Spend your animals then at least 100 hours in the game park, their items turn into quality Products, which can no longer be reversed. In addition, the visit to build their stress level from. In Story of Seasons you can the safari in two ways leave: Do you have animals here, you have to Agate go. However, you are traveling alone, you run easy again for stable and dials back to the farm.


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