iPhone: Change SIM card – Here’s how

Even the iPhone is of course without a SIM card is not much more than an expensive paperweight. The insert or change the SIM card is not so simple at first glance, as imagined, after all, the case can not be taken apart in the smartphone from Apple. We show you how to quickly and easily can switch on the iPhone SIM card without doing something wrong.

If you buy an iPhone 7 or older model new, you should first make sure of course that you have the right SIM card for your device are before you. Elsewhere, we show you on all models, which SIM card fits into that iPhone. If you do not have the right card, you can possibly this crop with a SIM Card Template. On the safe side you are, if you ordered the SIM with the network provider. Here, however, may have costs and be taken in any case a few days waiting time into account. iPhone 7: Review the video214402iPhone 7 Review

So you can change the SIM card in the iPhone

iPhone: Change SIM card - Here's howUnlike Android phones, the SIM card is not placed on the iPhone behind the battery. iPhone 7 and Co. finally provide not only the opportunity to open the case (without massive use of force). So you can the SIM card into the iPhone 7, insert 6 and Co.:

  1. Apple recommends that you turn off the phone before installing or replacing the SIM card.
  2. The slot for the SIM card is located on the right side of the iPhone. Older iPhone models have this slot at the top.
  3. At the bay there is a small hole.
  4. Included with the iPhone is the appropriate tools. This tool is slid into the hole. In this way, you can slide the SIM card slot of the iPhone with a little pressure.
  5. Sets the SIM card into the slot.
  6. the tray slides back into the iPhone.
  7. The iPhone should automatically recognize the SIM card.
  8. Your use of the Apple smartphone nu.
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iPhone: SIM card and change without tools

Have you lost the SIM card tool, you can the shaft with a paper clip to open. but ensures that the clip is not too thick to prevent damage to the hole. Of course you can also order for a narrow Taler SIM needle.

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iphone sim toolWith this tool, you can open the SIM card slot (Picture: Amazon.de)

If there is already a SIM in the shaft and want to replace her this, is careful when pushing out of the shaft. The card is only inserted and can easily fall out. Read also with us what you can do if the SIM card is not recognized.

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