Congstar: roaming charges and flats abroad – Complete info

If you take their phone with you on holiday abroad, there are several things to note. What are roaming charges? Are there foreign Flats and what do they cost? Here you can find all the information on the use of Congstar in the EU and worldwide. *

Congstar: roaming charges and flats abroad - Complete info

Congstar: roaming charges and foreign Flats

It is, in fact, that there is a foreign-Flat in Congstar *. However, this works differently than the normal flat rates and is a good bit more expensive:

  • By Week Pass * can surf (with 24 hours) abroad her 8 days. It is available in the EU and Switzerland and includes 100 MB of free data. Then you can book him again. Cost: 9.90 euros.
  • With the DayPass * you are 24 hours in Internet on the move and can consume 50 MB before you have to book the ticket again / can.

Congstar prepaid plans at a glance*

Outside the EU, only DayPass-Flat

If you are traveling outside the EU, it is more expensive still a good deal. One Week Pass is not available here, too. So for roaming only is the DayPass available.

congstar roaming flats


Congstar foreign Flats at a glance*

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Book Data Flats abroad: So klappts

  1. opens abroad the browser on your mobile phone.
  2. Now you get a choice about the roaming rates that are available to you.
  3. Wählöt the desired data roaming pass from (euro-data plan DayPass or Week Pass), booked it and then surfing right off.
  4. After the time or consumption of the included volume the booking page will reappear and you can book a new roaming through.
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Other mobile phone charges in other EU countries

Within the EU, ie the countries Zone 1, the cost of calls, SMS, MMS and data transfer without putting Flat follows:

congstar Charge abroad


  • Thus the receipt of SMS is always free of charge, outgoing short messages are also favorable with 7 cents.
  • Watching one must, however, on receipt of MMS and accept incoming calls. Here, too, costs are incurred.
  • only There are costs for mobile data usage if you have opted for either a flat or a statement of the Euro-data tariff with a 1-KB accuracy. 
  • For more information about roaming and flats abroad with Congstar can be found on the official website *.
  • All information about the mobile phone charges outside the EU abroad can be found on the Congstar Terms site *.

Congstar postpaid tariffs in the overview*

Protection from high roaming charges &# 8211; How it works

In the EU we are, fortunately, at least partially protected from high roaming charges. In Congstar of protection is as follows:

  • At each initial data usage (per billing month) abroad you will receive a notification SMS.
  • Once you reach an invoice amount of € 47.60 or € 47.20 (prepaid), you erhältet a second notification SMS.
  • When the limit of € 59.50 or € 59.00 (prepaid) data usage is interrupted.
  • Your erhalteteine ​​third Note SMS and will end up on a free website.
  • On this website you can use again for another 59,50 and 59 euros to unlock.

Flatrate of Germany abroad

you do not find yourself abroad but want to make calls only from Germany to abroad, Congstar also offers two packages: *

congstar-flat abroad* congstar-flat-foreign-2*

Help Congstar on GIGA

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