see repetition in stream online – graduation: 2016 Olympic Games

2016 Olympic Games went on August 21 after two weeks of suspense with a great closing ceremony ended. Due to the time difference, the celebrations in Germany but were transferred back to a somewhat unfavorable time. If you missed the party, you read here where you can see a repetition in stream online the Olympic closing ceremony, and what awaits you there.

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72460The 2016 Olympic Games

2016 Olympic Games in addition to the European Football Championship in France one of the major sporting events of the year. From 5 to 21 August 2016 top sportsmen and women from over 200 countries in 28 sports and 42 disciplines for the coveted medals have contested. Some athletes said due to the Zika virus, although from &# 8211; but the games offered with the two mascots Vinicius and Tom sporting excellence in the daily rhythm. On Sunday, two exciting weeks came to an end &# 8211; and of course there was also a Closing ceremony the finals to celebrate due.

Check out the highlights of the closing ceremonies in Rio directly from us:

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see graduation as a repetition in the Stream online: Olympia 2016

The Olympic flame is extinguished and the games move to Tokyo on. The last event of this year's Olympic Games was last night broadcast on ZDF. If you have already located at 1:00 am night in bed, but you can watch the closing ceremony for Olympics 2016 in the replay to see.

  • The sports shop offers you all the highlights of the closing ceremony in Rio summarized in just under 40 minutes.
  • Also, you can you even look at the closing ceremony in Maracana stadium.
  • ZDF has in the media also have a record of the Olympic Games 2016th

If you ever make it today at 9:00 am to the TV set, you can also turn on the ZDF &# 8211; there are some selected highlights will be shown again last night of the festivities in the morning program. Although 2016 Olympic Games is over, that does not mean that there would be no reason to look forward more &# 8211; with us you will already need to know concerning the upcoming Games at the Olympic Games 2020th

2016 Olympic Games closing ceremony in Rio

Closing ceremony of the 31 Olympic summer games live on TV ZDF

The 31st Summer Olympics went on August 21, 2016. end &# 8211; the closing ceremony was held on the same day, just like the prelude, the Maracana stadium instead.

  • Due to the time difference of 4 hours, the closing ceremony slips to Greenwich Mean Time but on the next day.
  • So you can watch the celebrations in Germany on Monday, August 22, 2016 by 1:00 at night look at.
  • The closing ceremony is broadcast on ZDF &# 8211; in addition to the broadcast on TV, you can see online the show in ZDF live stream.
  • As is true at the opening ceremony: If this is too late, you can watch the show with SaveTV record * and then choose in peace later.

Because there were some embarrassing scenes during the opening ceremony, the Brazilian interim president Michel Temer will not appear at the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games on Sunday in Rio de Janeiro. During the opening a planned speech by Temer in a chorus of whistles went under &# 8211; the organizers turned immediately to loud music to cover up the scandal. Even during games, it always came back to Anti-Temer protests. The occasion was the suspension of left President Dilma Rousseff &# 8211; whose members smell a conspiracy behind the dismissal.

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Conspicuous by its absence at the closing ceremony: The Brazilian Interim President Michel Temer.

Present at the closing ceremony Maracana is the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe instead. The next Summer Olympic Games 2020 will be held in the Japanese capital Tokyo. The news agency Agência is currently still looking for a way for a meeting between Abe and Temer According Brasil.

Video: Usain Bolt triumphed over 200 meters and takes Olympic gold

Olympics 2016: Opening ceremony with embarrassing moments

Around four hours took the spectacular opening ceremony on 05 August 2016 &# 8211; then the brasilinische interim president Michel Temer gave to 4:27 German time to start for the 31 Olympic Games announced &# 8211; with loud boos from the audience, which was one of the few unpleasant moments of celebration. In the hours before Brazil delivered as expected a rousing show with fireworks, laser show and hundreds of dancers and acrobats.

If you missed the show, you can watch the opening ceremony as a repetition in the stream. When online presence of the Sports Show you will find the highlights of the Eröffnunsgfeier as video &# 8211; Also you can watch you here the entry of the German athletes again. From lizenrechtlichen reasons can be found in the ARD media library no stream of the complete repeat &# 8211; if you find on unofficial sites on the net respective streams, you'd better refrain from the videos because the vibe was not approved by the Olympic committee.

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Olympics 2016: Opening Ceremony &# 8211; Beginning and time of the Summer Olympics

2016 Olympic Games will run from 5 August 2016 to 21 August 2016 &# 8211; that is, the 31 Olympics last exactly 17 days. At the beginning of the sporting mega-events, the opening ceremony, to be attuned to the athletes and spectators at Olympia in 2016 stands.

  • The opening ceremony for the Olympics in 2016 rises on 5 August 2016th
  • It starts with the ceremony at 20:00 local time &# 8211; However, you must (as seen from Germany) her with a Time difference of 5 hours, count backwards.
  • The actual beginning of the opening ceremony for Central European Time is therefore only at Saturday, 6:08 to 1:00 am.
  • The opening ceremony you see in the ARD.
  • Of course the time difference also affects the competitions themselves, which are transferred to a relatively unfavorable for us time
  • If you do not want to stay up so long, you can take the celebrations therefore also SaveTV * record with SaveTV and view at a later date.
  • SaveTV is free for 30 days &# 8211; then you pay a monthly fee of 6.99 euros &# 8211; So for the entire duration of the Olympic Games in 2016 you have to pay any money and can watch the opening ceremony and the individual competitions looking to a more pleasant time.
  • Read also the article Olympics 2016 live stream and TV schedule and dates of the transfers.

see opening ceremony live stream online: Olympia 2016

The opening ceremony of 2016 Olympic Games is broadcast on German television on ARD &# 8211; next to it is still possible to follow the official start of the Games in the ARD live stream online. The stream you can pursue your tablet or iPhone on both the desktop computer and on mobile devices z..B Android smartphone.

The first live stream*

Video: Mr. Bean / Rowan Atkinson at the opening ceremony of Olymia 2012

That's why you should at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Summer Games in Rio Switch

2016 Olympic Games is the chance to show himself at his best for Brazil. In the recent past, the country made a name for himself especially with the selection of President Dilma Rousseff and the resulting political power games. The Summer Olympics offer Brazil to present itself as radiant hosts the opportunity &# 8211; accordingly, no effort has been made already at the opening ceremony.

  • The ceremony starts in the Maracana Stadium and will run about 4 hours.
  • In preparing the Brazilian filmmaker Fernando Meirelles and Andrucha Waddington, which are designed to provide an unforgettable show helped.
  • When Eröffnunsgfeier also must involve several thousand extras.
  • True to the motto of the Olympic Games 2016 "Live your passion" man, optimism and celebration are the focus of the celebrations &# 8211; because it is Rio, one must reckon with a dose carnival.
  • The highlight of the show is the so-called Relocation of nations and light Athleten, which pull the cheers of the audience by the Maracana.
  • At the end of the Olympic flame may be one or more guests in a festive light Zermonie &# 8211; so are the 31 Olympic Games in Brazil officially opened.

Olympia 2016 Banner

Timo Boll is at the opening ceremony flag bearer in 2016 for Germany

A special honor it is, of course, at the opening ceremony to show the flag of their own country to the world. For Brazil, the flag bearer stands at this year's games for some time certain: This is the pentathlete Yane Marques. The 32-year-old won at the Olympic Games London 2012 bronze and applies this year as favorite for gold.

For Germany, there are 5 possible standard bearer ready:

  • Timo Boll, table tennis player
  • Moritz Fürste, hockey player
  • Ingrid Klimke, eventer
  • Lena Schöneborn, Modern pentathlete
  • Kristina Vogel, track cycling sprinter

Meanwhile is also clear who is the standard-bearer for Germany &# 8211; these are around the Table tennis player Timo Boll in Rio already experienced its fifth Olympic Games. However, the multiple European champion is extremely proud of its nomination. &# 8220; When I heard last night that I should carry the flag, I was speechless&# 8221 ;, so Boll: &# 8220; It's an amazing feeling and perhaps the highlight of my career. I am incredibly proud.&# 8221;

Olympic 2016 mascots Product ImageAt the end of the opening ceremony of the Olympic flame is ignited &# 8211; so that the Games are officially opened

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Image Sources: Ververidis Vasilis,, sports show / ARD


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