Knickknack: This sex gags on The Simpsons you have not noticed

&# 8220; The Simpsons&# 8221; are not exactly designed as a children's series, yet they run in the early evening and weekend program on Pro7 up and down and are therefore accessible to all ages. In addition to numerous allusions to politics or the American way of life, it is sometimes slippery. Sexual innuendo and suggestive jokes come of it both concealed and quite openly discussed. Therefore, we present to you 10 sex gags on The Simpsons that determines her as a child you never noticed. Enjoy yourself!

Knickknack: This sex gags on The Simpsons you have not noticedSource: © FOX

This sex gags on The Simpsons you have not noticed

Rodd and Todd Flanders make a start. The two sons of churchgoers Ned should be educated known as chaste and prudish as possible. Because it comes naturally little area that an ad on TV for &Jammitin; # 8220&# 8221; running. In German this gag was, incidentally, in the words &# 8220; Rein with him&# 8221; relatively directly translated. Here is the English version:

In the episode &# 8220; The snake pit&# 8221; from the fourth season of the &# 8220; Simpsons&# 8221; have to go it superficially about the tradition of the so-called billets day on which many snakes in Springfield lose their lives. While Lisa is outraged, Homer uses his stick to a fairly clearly ambiguous speech to margin. As you can already see in his eyes, he's not associated his tools with snakes, but rub it back and forth and asks Marge if she would rather like it fast or slow&# 8230;

Homer Simpson with sticks in the episode The snake pitHomer makes clear margin advances&# 8230; © FOX

For Simpsons Stream Maxdome*

In &# 8220; The beautiful Jaques&# 8221;, an early &# 8220; Simpsons&# 8221; episode from the first season it comes after some dispute between Homer and margin at the end to a celebrated reconciliation. Applause Homer margin carries from the nuclear power plant and is proud to present his stamina in bed. These are his words: &# 8220; Tell my boss, I made hab`s me with the woman I love in the back seat comfortably and does not want to be disturbed, the next quarter of an hour.&# 8221;

Homer and Marge SimpsonHomer at his best&# 8230; © FOX

Always nice: Abe Simpson reads behalf of all children, which is on the label of this Laaa-teeex-Kooon-dooms.


Sometimes, however, must be chemically hurried along a bit and the Son:

Clarification on the nature of the Simpsons

Almost a classic is this &# 8220; instructional video&# 8221 ;, which Edna Krabappel is played to their shocked students. (From the episode &# 8220; Love and Intrigue&# 8221; the third season of Simpsons)

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Homer was also cleared up one day, but not at school. The poor man initially thought the monkeys in the cage would kill each other. His reaction to the true words of the Zoo Keeper unsettle the young Homer but even more:



Simpsons in the stream at Magine*

When Mr. snowplow (in English Mr Plow), Homer delivers a fierce competition with buddy Barney. Even if he does not make the streets of wintry Springfield really safer margin appears uniform to please somehow:

could manage that this article without Waylon Smithers, of course, was not possible from the outset. The constant references to his repressed homosexuality are a running gag in the series and will probably accompany us forever. In this mini-section of the third Halloween ideas Mr Burns seems exceptionally understand what his assistant thinks:


Finally still a politically incorrect joke flat Homer:

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