Buy Theremin: Your way to the mystery sound

A Theremin is something very special, after you play it completely contact and it sounds like out of this world. Also Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory showed us the instrument in Episode 12 of Season 4. If you want to bring the sci-fi sound home you, there are several variants. You can buy a Theremin or first try it out with an app. We tell you in our guide as you become a Theremin-conductors.

Buy Theremin: Your way to the mystery sound

Buy Theremin

If you know what a theremin and how to play it, you get fancy on the versatile instrument and want to buy a Theremin, we want to warn you: The magic boxes are not favorable. Pioneer in the market is the manufacturer Moog with his Moog theremin Etherwave. A Theremin instrument gets her at Thomann or luck on eBay *Buy Theremin: Your way to the mystery sound.

Small high-tech instrument: The Moog There Mini for home enchant your ears. Small high-tech instrument: The Moog There Mini for home enchant your ears.*

Moog There Mini from Amazon*

Buy Theremin: The Moog There Mini &# 8211; digital MiniTheremin

One of the latest theremin is the digital Moog There Mini, which even has an LCD display on board. The Mini-Theremin is relatively lightweight and portable.

  • Dimensions: 57.8 x 16.5 x 38.1 cm
  • Weight: 1.4 kg

It should be very easy to play for beginners, because it comes with an automatic pitch correction and a built- tuner. The There Mini offers numerous setting options for:

  • scaling
  • Tonraum
  • base note

You can set 32 ​​different sounds and also an echo function there. It has in addition to built-in speakers with a headphone jack, so you can also practice passionate night. By mini-USB port MIDI data can be transmitted and two audio outputs, there are.

Theremin apps for smartphones

LeondownloadQR codeLeonDeveloper: Nikos PapadakakisPrice: Free Theremin I / OdownloadQR codeTheremin I / ODeveloper: FFFF00 Agents AB *Price: 3.49 €

As an alternative to Theremin-buying and to get a taste of the fascinating technology, there are also many apps. With which you can either can tap the screen to generate tones, or they offer more advanced features that come a Theremin actually closer. In the Android app Leon &# 8211; Theremin emulator their taps his finger anywhere on your screen. The X-position stands for the frequency (pitch), the Y-position for the amplitude (volume). In the app Theremin I / O for Apple's iPhone and other devices your camera light measures the distance to your hand and the program allows the sounds produced. It comes with 8 sounds and a tutorial.

So you can imagine about how the theremin sounds are&# 8217; s here Zelda&# 8217; s Lullaby for you:

Image Sources: © Moog Music Inc., Dmitry Nikolaev, michelangeloop via Shutterstock

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