FIFA 16: Pre-Order redeem code for free Ultimate Team packs

Only a few days until FIFA 16 finally available in stores. In different stores there are already pre-order packs for FIFA 16 that you bring extra content such as free packs for Ultimate Team, a new goal celebrations and more. Here you find out how you redeem the FIFA 16 Pre-Order Code and can dust off your reward.

In FIFA 16 boxes in the store a piece of paper with a multi-digit code is stored.

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FIFA 16: Pre-Order redeem code for free Ultimate Team packs &# 8211; so is&# 8217; s for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC

Redeeming the preorder codes 16 possible from September 24, the official release day of FIFA and must be entered no later than October 11, 2015, we find pre-order items. It does not matter which platform has the shell of the pre-order box when entering the code you can define yourself ultimately, for which platform you want to pick up the bonuses. If you therefore still requires a DVD case, FIFA 16, however, want to play on the PlayStation 4, it is enough if you also take to the DVD version of Vorbestellerinhalte.

FIFA 16: Pre-Order redeem code for free Ultimate Team packs

FIFA 16: Pre-Order redeem code for free Ultimate Team packs

To redeem the pre-order content for FIFA 16 is as follows:

  1. FIFA-16-logo-2Gets the action URL on. (Note that the URL is shown in the address bar as here Some phishing sites are similar to the official pre-order page up and serve only to tap off your code)
  2. Give the code from the pre-order into the appropriate field.
  3. Selects the platform for which the code is to be redeemed.
  4. In exchange, now you get one provided for the selected system code. Give it a valid e-mail address to which the code is to be sent for free Ultimate Team packs.
  5. Read the privacy policy by and accepts them.
  6. Click on "pre-order Redeem Code".
  7. On the screen, the final pre-order code will be displayed. At the same time you receive this e-mail.
  8. From 24 September, the code can then be redeemed in console internal store.

If you do not know the last step where you shall enter the code, read on here:

  • PS4: Redeem PSN Code
  • Xbox One: redeem codes on controller, keyboard and Kinect

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