convert Word to PDF – Various methods

Of course you can convert a file from Word to PDF. So they can be passed if the recipient does not have Word or the file may not edit it. There are various methods that we present you here.

Meanwhile, MS Office, even the convert files from Word to PDF files. If you have the correct version of Word, the dialog offers the "Save As" option as on, your To save the document in PDF format. But that can not use any version of Microsoft Word. For this reason, it is a good idea, one of the many PDF printer driver to install with which we can save any document as a PDF file.

For the decision to convert a document from Word to PDF, there are good reasons. This ensures that all recipients see the document as it is intended. That's not even necessarily the case when one passes on a Word file and it will open in Word. Here you can make a spanner in the works missing, non-embedded fonts.


convert Word to PDF - directly in Word

You also can subsequently convert a file from Word to PDF. For this you open it just in Word and saves them from re - in PDF format. Did you, however, only an older version of Word or no Microsoft Word, then you have to proceed differently. In any case, a program that can open and view a Word file you need. So for example, a Office alternative as LibreOffice or OpenOffice. In addition, a "PDF Printer Driver" such as PDFCreator.

Save word pdfSince the program version 2007 can convert their files in Word to PDF

The right version of Word provided that can be convert any Word file to PDF. But unfortunately that's only since the version Word 2007. In this case, it is sufficient the file in Word to open and you to save with "Save As" new PDF. Then ye have the opportunity to choose different output formats, among which you will find the PDF format.

word pdf optionsIf we convert Word to PDF, then we can also set various options

There, you see then also a button in which you are allowed to set some options of the target file. However, this can at best be considered as rudimentary. Overall, implementation of PDF storage is not well done in Word, so I would not hesitate to recommend to waive the Word own function and instead use a utility.

convert Word to PDF Freeware

The PDF format offers many more features than just files from Word to convert to PDF and to provide them with a password. So you can disable, for example, certain actions with a password, while others remain open. Open and view then as allowed, but not printing. This is not supported by Word. Here it was obviously only about providing a simple PDF storage without going further into the format. This is a shame, because Microsoft, ignoring one of the most important file formats while driving its users into the hands of competitors. And that does not sleep!

pdfcreator safetyPDFCreator can not only convert Word to PDF, but simply EVERYTHING!

The trick of "PDF Printer Driver " is that all you can direct to a printer, but can land just in PDF format. So for example, the free PDFCreator is established as a conventional printer driver.

  • First, the file in Word or Word viewer must be opened.
  • Instead of a file now just in any chosen format to save, is she here "To press&# 8220 ;.
  • After that the output dialog where you can still choose different options open. With a few clicks, for example, prepared profiles can be selected here, which have an impact on the quality of the target file.
  • At the end of the file in PDF format is stored.
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unwandeln multiple Word files into a PDF

In offices, there is such a thing as print queues. Since each print job is accepted and processed in the order of its occurrence. Thus comparable is a collective function of PDFCreator which also waits to save the PDF file until all source data has arrived.

pdfcreator collect multiple word in pdfPDFCreator can merge multiple Word files into a PDF file

In this way it is possible several different documents from Word to PDF to unite, which is then stored. Even "foreign" data can be involved here. The PDFCreator it is ever in principle no matter where the data comes. So it is possible to first collect a few Word files sequentially in the program, then open some graphics and insert them in turn in the queue. After that back a few Word files or even other PDF files. Only when one is ready, everything is then summarized in a collected file that you can now pass on.

Of course, there are now also services where you can convert PDF files inline. Converting a German website called Online can upload you files to then store them in different office formats.

Word to PDF: Step by Step

  • You open the first file in Word.
  • Then "print" your file and choose either the printer "PDFCreator".
  • It opens a save dialog of this program, but the next to "Save" and the button - has "Waiting collecting". The need to click on it.
  • Now open the next Word documents and "Print". They all end up in the collection dialog box for the PDF printer.
  • There, if necessary, change the order. Yet.
  • Then save it as a PDF file. That was&# 8217; s!

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small warning

PDFCreator wants to install a module called PDF Architect during the installation. So you can actually edit PDF files, but as long as one does not pay, the program is useless. You should select the Custom installation, during which you also get to display which program components are installed. There simply deselect the entire entry PDF Architect and then move on. It may be that at the end of the installation is to be set up as a home even Amazon. This can also be deactivated. Finally, there is a functional and clean PDF printer on the computer.


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