Open WebP format and convert with Converter to JPG or PNG – How it works

WebP &# 8211; If the Internet on the go, you come often to this file format. But what does it mean? How to open such a file, and it can be converted to JPG or PNG? All information to can be found in the article.

Open WebP format and convert with Converter to JPG or PNG - How it worksSource: Web design concept

WebP &# 8211; What's this?

WebP is an image format that was created by Google to life and to have some advantages over PNG and JPG:

  • If an image lossless converted into PNG and WebP, WebP files are smaller than 25 percent. PNG is mostly used only loss.
  • If an image with losses in JPG and WebP converted, the savings in file size are even greater. JPG is used mostly only lossy.

Despite these advantages, WebP has not yet been enforced. And currently it also looks not as if this happen in the near future. For more information about WebP can be found on the official page of Google.

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Open WebP format

chromeGoogle Chrome supports WebP from home.

Since Chrome and Opera WebP formats natively support the corresponding files can be easily opened with the browser.

  1. Just open the folder containing the file.
  2. then pulls them into the browser window. The image is now open and can be viewed.

This of course is not very comfortable, especially if you want to view several images. Alternatively IrfanView offers itself here, which also this is plugin able to open WebP:

  • IrfanView Download
  • Download the plugin (English site)

In addition, you can download it from Google, a software so that Windows can deal with WebP files.

convert with Converter to JPG or PNG &# 8211; That's how it's done

To convert into WebP JPG or PNG format also provides IrfanView. Here you can convert the file by her opens and following in Speichtern under&# 8230; the file type will change.

The freeware XnView supports the conversion of WebP in JPG or PNG.

Tip: Do you want to image files from Google's Play Store download, you have to do in the WebP format that. Open the image in a new tab and then removes the additional rw of the URL. Now the image in JPG or PNG format is available.


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