Rocket League: Tips and tricks for Autoball career

That cars and football are a perfect combination, Rocket League proves impressively. However, driving and ball physics require a lot of training time. With our five tips and tricks for Auto Ball game you lay a good start and will celebrate your first victory very soon.


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Rocket League: Tips and Tricks

Those who do not pay attention, begins primarily at the match against experienced opponents in Rocket League one goal after another. Of the Mix of racing game and football requires tactically clever behavior and aimed shots as in billiards. In order for the round actually ends up in Eckigen, we have the five most important tips and tricks combined for a perfect start to the game for you.

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1. Do not always follow the ball

As the children in the F-youth &# 8211; all run after the ball. Many players in Rocket League go hell-bent to get the ball. However, this is not always the right tactics, because the position for opponents and ball is much more important. So watching the game situation and lying in wait for your chance to attack. Tries to anticipate and keep the boost willing to come and at the right moment the ball einzunetzen him.

2. Always remain between own goal and the ball

As real football is the Game without the ball at least as important. Your always should try you to position between his own goal and the ball. So it ensures that its direction moves the ball to the touch opponent's goal. The other way round you risk otherwise that is ever to convey to you the ball into his own net. With a good Positioning can operate it from a secure defense out and start to attack itself.


save 3. Boost

Of the clever use of your boosts can make the difference between victory and defeat. therefore ensures that you always have something Boost for crucial situations and scoring chances in the hindquarters. In this way you are to the ball at the crucial Dribbling or even make it the ball at the last moment by the own goal line to fish. Mark you also the Locations of the boost Items on the field, of which there are six. Fill your boost to 100% and are located in every corner of the playing field and in the middle on the sidelines.

4. promote opponent with ramming attacks from the board

Football is a in Rocket League game without rules. Makes you this so for the benefit and Rams an opponent during the second phase of a Boosts, to promote him for a few seconds from the board before returning respawn. This ye your team an advantage because her for a brief period in majority are. Also, there is for such actions Extra points for the high score.


5. Graduated from the training

Rocket League offers you to better hearing in the game mechanics five training missions, divide as follows:

  • basic
  • advanced
  • Goalie
  • Striker
  • Aerial

Ye need not complete though, but it is advisable to do it because you are simulated in the game learned so all facets and strategies of the game and also some typical situations. Some Training sessions can you also on different levels of difficulty complete for a constant learning curve.

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