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With an online petition fans of Legacy of Kain want: Soul Reaver collect enough signatures to persuade the authorities of Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics of a new edition of the game for current systems. This will in the long term pave the way for further sequels, so the fans hope.

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With Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver players came late 90s to enjoy a "Metroidvania" game, the puzzle elements of titles such as The Legend of Zelda combined with struggles that today remember discreetly to an early God of War. And although the game and other parts of the series as Soul Reaver 2, Blood Omen 2 and Legacy of Kain: Defiance critically certainly got good, then it was over with the ambitious single-player story from the house of Eidos and Crystal Dynamics. The now leaked Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun was never completed.

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But the "Soul Reaver" fan Austin Clifton uses exactly the company or the publisher Square Enix with a date nearly 2,000 signatures strong online petition. His aim is clear: to move the rights holders to first Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver to publish in a new edition for current consoles and the PC. In his appeal he praises the now nearly 20-year-old game: "The story, characters, weapons, boss fights and everything in between made this game. It never told you what you had to do, it did not stop you by the hand. (&# 8230;) It had some of the best puzzles. "

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A new edition of Soul Reaver should only be a first step to the idea of ​​fans but to breathe the brand new (undead) life. "We ask you for a new Legacy of Kain, because we finally have a new story to Legacy of Kain: Defiance want to see. You have left us with a cliffhanger! I think if we get a new version, it will invite new people to play and can revel in nostalgia fans of the original, "said the concern Cliftons. A remake or reboot will help developers such as publishers, to assess whether the continuation of this franchise might be worth.



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