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With route Converter download you get a free and user-friendly tool with which to view, edit and convert your routes, tracks and waypoints can.

It is particularly suited to the RouteConverter Download, itineraries that have recorded it on the navigation device to edit. In addition, you have access to routes that others have stored online can convert these and share routes themselves online.


RouteConverter Download: Overview of the functions

The route Converter download supports more than 78 GPS file formats and detects when loading GPS data that format automatically. The map used by the tool is based on Google Maps and OpenStreetMap. The Ünernahme routes from Google Maps is possible and and you can files, URLs and ZIP archives either drag & Drop, Auswhldialog or open from the clipboard. Lengths are supported in kilometers, statute miles and miles.

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Route Converter allows you also to create waypoints and point of interest databases. Changes can you make unlimited Backward and restore in the program.

Installation of the program is not necessary, but an existing on the computer Java Runtime Environment is required for its operation.

The manufacturer can be found all new and improved features of the current version 2.20 of RouteConverter. Among other things, the help has been revised in the new issue and completed.


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