Assassin’s Creed – Syndicate: Overall skills and talent trees of Jacob and Evie

Skills and talent trees: Sneaking

The clandestine approach still works best for Assassins. With the stealth capabilities you crack all of the chests and palaces in London, will almost invisible in secret procedures or committed sophisticated attacks.

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In the following table you can all the skills of stealth tree with your name, effect, registration conditions and skills needed points members.

skilleffectActivation conditionsskill points
WhistleExcited by pressing the Digipad button down the attention of a target to make it to lure a secret assassination to you.Available from the start.No
Picking locks IAllows opening of locked chests for money, materials and rewards.Mission Rewards1
Picking locks IIOpens most doors in London, except for those who need a master key.Level 2, Picking locks I2
Assassin SamtpfoteFalls cause less damage and your landings and movements cause less noise.Level 32
Chameleon (only Evie)Evie is invisible in creep mode when it is stationary. Only very close opponents can discover you.Level 6, Assassin Samtpfote6
Knock downStriking an unsuspecting opponent with Circle / B unconscious.Available from the start.No
Arrestpresses Circle / B to capture an unsuspecting opponent and accompany you (such as restricted areas).Mission RewardsNo
intimidationCaptured enemy try not to escape.Level 2, take Trapped2
Messermeister IThrowing knives stun enemies for a short time. For multi-kills you automatically get throwing knives.Level 32
Messermeister II (only Evie)Evie can carry twice as many throwing knife with him, also cause more damage.Level 5, Messermeister I4
Schleich controlmade possible with X / A creep mode by you are moving you faster and harder to detect.Available from the start.No
Booty TakedownYour automatically loots opponents if their going off with an attempt to capture or kill take to multi-kill.Mission Rewards1
I sneakYour Schleich rating improves by 7. You are more difficult to detect and assassination cause less noise.Level 22
sneak IIYour Schleich rating improves by more 7. You are more difficult to discover and assassination cause less noise.Level 3, crawl I2
Sneak III (Evie)Evie's stealth rating improves by additional 11 you are very hard to detect and assassination cause the least noise.Level 5, Stealth II4
Air AssassinationPushing for an attack on the top of the eye-catching mode Square / X.Available from the start.No
double attackpresses Square / X to 2 adjoining opponent to eliminate simultaneously.In skills tutorial1
I first strikeRuns the first strike out in a fight to cause more damage.Level 22
First Strike IIThe first strike attack does more damage and can kill opponents immediately.Level 6, first strike I6

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