Yottabyte: What is the capacity?

The term Yottabyte falls more frequently, especially in connection with the NSA. What you can imagine under the storage capacity of one Yottabyte, we explain in this article.

Yottabyte: What is the capacity?Source: Joerg Trampert /pixelio.de

In reporting on the NSA, the term Yottabyte often falls. No wonder, the American intelligence is a data collector par excellence. Currently, the NSA is working on the construction of an Intelligence Community Comprehensive National Cyber-security Initiative Data Center. The complex will be about 100,000 square meters and have the power needs of a small city. What you want to work there exactly, is not clear. however, is certain that there the worldwide data masses are evaluated. The storage capacity of the plant is by wired search in Yottabyte area. A Yottabyte equals one trillion terabytes. Also this is already an indication of size, which is difficult to imagine. Therefore, a small classification.

Yottabyte: Data sizes compared

The smallest digital unit is one bit. It contains a binary information: 0 of 1. A byte is eight bits, so combined eight binary information. To make it clearer: A word average length is 10 bytes, a tweet already 280 bytes. A kilobyte is 1000 bytes, a megabyte is 1000 kilobytes. In thousands of steps it goes on. On megabytes follows gigabytes to terabytes. external hard drives are available in this size for under 100 euros and Facebook around 100 terabytes are uploaded daily.

This is followed by variables with which no longer does the average consumer in regular contact. 1,000 terabytes are a petabyte. The global Internet traffic included 2.4 petabytes in 2000th 2011, the mobile Internet traffic came to a volume of 16 petabytes worldwide. The next order: Exabyte. 1,000 petabytes are an Exabyte 1000 Exabyte a zettabyte. It is estimated that all the digital data stored on the planet will be in 2016 to reach a volume of around 4.1 zettabytes. 1000 Zettabyte are finally a Yottabyte.

Estimates of the volume of the stored data NSA sway and move in Zetta- and Yottabyte area. Official figures do not exist on what is hardly surprising, however.

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