The 7 best Firefox add-ons for Files download Youtube videos, save them as MP3, playlists

firefox-35-logo-videoMovies, music clips, series, private recordings &# 8212; the amount of video that can be viewed online, is growing by the day. We selected the seven best Firefox add-ons on video &# 8212; free extensions for the open-source browser that are installed with a few clicks. We show how to download YouTube videos, save them as MP3, create playlists, simultaneously searches the various portals and get the content displayed even as a preview.

1. Download Videos

video-download-helper-convertThe most successful video add-ons &# 8211; one could almost say with the Video Download Helper you have everything you need to store clips. The software can not only download videos from Youtube, but identified on any page video files. The program can also convert to other formats the videos. To download the free open-source software is Videoconvert necessary, then the video can be stored in many different formats as mov, avi, mpg, for iPhone and.The 7 best Firefox add-ons for Files download Youtube videos, save them as MP3, playlists

In addition to the classics of course there are other add-on options with a similar function. Very promising seems example of YouTube Converter SmartTube that comes with AdBlocker function and can hide so advertising and comments.

download-arrowFree Download Video Download Helper (Firefox add-on)
save online videos to disk

2. Video Preview

video surf googleWith VideoSurf At A Glance you get on selected pages ever a preview of video search results displayed. On Google, Youtube and Twitter (as abbreviated links) are then next to the video several screenshots that show whether the video actually holds whatever we want.

So one is as Never fall for back to a Rick Rolling ūüėČ or not must spend hours click through various videos to find the desired scene.

download-arrowFree download VideoSurf At a Glance (Firefox add-on)
Video preview in screenshots

3. Switch off Autoplay on YouTube

On Youtube the called video plays immediately. Those who work with multiple tabs or windows, giving a hodgepodge of different sounds on each other (from unnecessary traffic to mention). The TubeStop add-on turns the AutoPlay on Youtube from easy.

download-arrowFree download TubeStop (Firefox add-on)
Disable Autoplay on YouTube

4. Play videos in loop

This add-on makes almost the opposite of TubeStop (well, not really, but about): Anyone who has a catchy tune and again to watch a video in a row and will -Hear especially associated with Youtube Auto Replay the solution. You can even determine with two times which part of a video to be played as a loop.

download-arrowDownload the free YouTube Auto Replay (Firefox add-on)
to repeat Videos

5. Creating playlists and watch videos the way

YouPlayer-screenshot-firefoxWith the YouPlayer add-on to videos can be drawn into a playlist and sequentially view while already weiterbrowst the main window.

The add-on turns a new column on the left, you can easily pull in videos from Youtube using drag-and-drop. can be add clips from other portals, but there the URL must be entered directly. So you can the Internet&TV; # 8221&# 8221; Run left, while already on other sites you are traveling in the main window. Right-click on the files, a menu where you can save the video in this format on disk opens &# 8212; However, do not convert. the YouPlayer is started over an icon on the bottom right of the Firefox.

download-arrowFree download YouPlayer (Firefox add-on)
Playlists using drag-and-drop in a separate column

6. Save videos as MP3

Sometimes you want to have even the audio track on your own computer &# 8212; Here the FetchMP3 Video to Audio Converter helps. The Video Download Helper offers this option in theory even, but only if you registered. The &# 8220; Youtube to MP3&# 8243; add-on promises the same, but did not work in our test. Said add-on uses the page FetchMP3, where you also search directly for videos and then store the sound.

With the Firefox extension is on Youtube and other video sites on the bottom line &# 8220; Convert Video to MP3&# 8243; appears when you click on it, it is forwarded to the conversion service. There you will scroll to the Search Results and clicks &# 8220; Convert Video File Now&# 8221 ;. After the file is converted, which takes something, you can save them as MP3 on your hard drive.


Free download FetchMP3 Video to Audio Converter (Firefox add-on)
save videos as MP3

Browse 7. Several video portals simultaneously

video-search-surf screenshotBy VideoSurf Search Plugin, the major video sites can be searched simultaneously. read correctly, this is not strictly an add-on, but a plugin. Without restarting Firefox, it adds in the search box on the right added as a search engine VideoSurf. The results show screenshots preview, and can be sorted by source category and type.


Download the free VideoSurf Search Plugin (Firefox)
Video Search on multiple platforms with preview

Other useful Firefox Addons and tricks found in our special topic for Mozilla browser.

What video add-ons do you use, and what experience you have with these extensions do? Give us your recommendations in the comments.

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