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With Audible you can choose from more than 200,000 audio books and radio plays and listen to them on smartphone, tablet or PC. How Audible works exactly, we explain here.

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How does Audible?

Your likes to listen to audio books and games of any kind while indoors or outdoors? Then Audible is right for you. Audible is an Amazon company where you can choose from over 200,000 titles. However, there is about to consider the following.

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  • With Audible audio books you can buy separately. The prices are usually below those of CDs.
  • Alternatively, you can take out per month, the Audible subscription for 9.95 euros.
  • With subscription you can each month choose an audio book of your choice.
  • If you choose one month no audio book, you can select in the next two.
  • The first month you can Audible Free Trial (trial month).
  • Each user can only be used once the trial month.
  • can use their audiobooks on up to three PCs and three mobile devices per membership.
  • You can audio books on CD burning (1 per book) or an MP3 player transferred.
  • Previously purchased titles can you always download from Audible.
  • You can Audible cancel whenever you want (no minimum duration).
  • Upon termination you purchased your audio books can always continue to use and download.

How it works Audible

Audible: Online you can buy audio books.Audible: Online you can buy audio books.

Audible Vouchers*

So you can use your Audible:

  1. New customers can test the first month free her Audible.
  2. Log in to the associated Web page * with your Amazon account (Audible part of Amazon).
  3. Alternatively, you choose the option that you are not Amazon customers and thus create an Amazon account.
  4. Now you can choose you online audiobook.
  5. To download audio books, you need the Audible Download Manager.
  6. About him can burn on an audio CD you your audiobooks, but only once per audio book.
  7. Alternatively, it transfers the title to a smartphone, tablet or MP3 player. Selects to the appropriate destination device in the software.
  8. For playback on smart phone and tablet you need the associated Audible app.
  9. If you still do not like a book, you can also return it and get the money back.
Audible - AudiobooksdownloadQR codeAudible - AudiobooksDeveloper: Audible, Inc. *Price: Free Audible Audible -HörbücherdownloadQR codeAudible Audible -HörbücherDeveloper: Audible, IncPrice: Free
  • How does Audible? - na so here
  • How does Audible? - na so here
  • How does Audible? - na so here
  • How does Audible? - na so here
  • How does Audible? - na so here
  • How does Audible? - na so here
  • How does Audible? - na so here

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