What’s URL and who uses them?

URL has two meanings in the computing world. First, there is a file extension for a Windows-standard size, are created using the links on the PC. On the other hand URL is considered much more familiar, colloquial abbreviation for Web address.

What's URL and who uses them?

but both are equally useful, because it is indeed primarily about being able to reach certain websites. What we commonly refer to as a URL or the gap, is not the address that we want to visit the website, namely in reality. This is more like an easy-to-remember name, so we do not something complicated like a &# 8220; catalog number&# 8221; need to remember.

The gap, or the gap? What does URL?

URL is one of those terms in which the allocation of the article is not so easy. Similar to e-mail or blog. Such brought from English into German slang terms commonly conquer own use types and positions. And in forums and comments to Grammar Nazis like to fight in endless discussion threads about who is right.

In fact, URL is the abbreviation for &# 8221; Uniform Resource Locator&# 8221 ;, ie English for &# 8220; uniform resource locator&# 8221; and from this the correct part follows &# 8220; the URL&# 8221 ;. In normal usage URL but is used as a synonym for web address, resulting in &# 8220; the URL&# 8221; derives. Linguistically entirely accurate would actually rather &# 8220; the URL&# 8221 ;. But as so often in such cases once again their own habit. The German Duden &# 8220; allowed&# 8221; both, but marks the masculine than the less common form.

giga web urlThe complete url http://www.giga.de identifies a web address

Much more interesting than this discussion is actually that the (or) URL is not only the address of a Web page. It is rather clear references to network resources of all kinds, which refers not only to the Internet but to any type of network. And so FTP addresses or email addresses are as URLs as a &# 8220; normal&# 8221; Domain address. The differences are very technical in nature and relate to the way how the address is built. http://www.giga.de is the URL of a great website. But if you, for example, to looks at the destination address of email addresses in the source code, you will see that there are differences. The http: // missing completely, but there is a mailto: before and the address must contain definitely a @. This is also a URL!

And what's URL in Windows?

giga windows urlJust as we take a URL as the destination address for a web page, we use shortcuts in Windows to launch programs or access files. And ultimately a URL is indeed nothing else. Windows shortcuts are files that contain within itself the location of the program to be started. These files have the extension lnk. designed Similarly, the Web link shortcuts of Windows, which have the extension .url.

As you can put the program shortcuts on your desktop, you also those links can be stored there. The big advantage is that you have them available at any time. If desired, even in the Quick Launch bar, without having to invoke a browser or a list of links.

The preparation of these files is easy: Click the right mouse button on desktop and from the context menu &# 8220; New / Shortcut&# 8221; choose. In the input field enter the web address (http: // do not forget!). Click Next and select a headline in the next window. Finish click and that's it.


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