Timeline in PowerPoint create – step by step

If you want to present data graphically and events, the timeline is suitable for it. Here everything is linked together. How to create a timeline in PowerPoint, we explain here!

Timeline in PowerPoint create - step by step

Unfortunately, there is no function &Timeline; # 8220&# 8221; in PowerPoint, but that does almost nothing. Because with the forms we can arrange everything yourself. We need is a long arrow as timeline, some vertical lines as marks on it and a couple of boxes and text boxes. And so is&# 8217; s done ...

making timeline in PowerPoint itself

We need a completely blank page and none of the starting layouts with titles and content area for a timeline. We find that the Start menu layout. There you choose the best layout &# 8220; Blank&# 8221; or &# 8220; Only Title&# 8221 ;, if the page should have a title. But even that could be made later.

The timeline in PowerPoint also consists only of lines, boxes and text boxesThe timeline in PowerPoint also consists only of lines, boxes and text boxes

For example, I have just once selected a simple model of a timeline as seen on the image above. One can also make quite different and spice up the presentation even with old photos. It's also more around the basic principle. So after we start with a blank page, we begin to draw. The timeline in PowerPoint consists mainly of drawn shapes.

  • From the menu, select Paste clicking forms.
  • There, either lines or block arrows choose an arrow.
  • Now draw approximately in the center of the page a horizontal arrow from left to right.
  • Also in the forms you can find simple lines. This we now use to set vertical marks on the arrow.
  • Now we can either menu select Insert rectangular boxes or equal to a text field and set it to the markings of the timeline in PowerPoint. There is room for the description of the events and the annual figures. The text can be formatted diverse.

we reach the formatting of individual elements of the timeline by a quick double click on it. One must also not draw each marker individually and worry about the right length. After the first set, copied to the marked line with Ctrl + C into the clipboard and bring them there by pressing Ctrl + V as many times again shows how you need it.

Individual elements can also be &# 8211; when labeled &# 8211; move fairly accurately using the arrow keys on the keyboard. To put an element over the others in the background or foreground, clicking it with the right mouse button and select the context menu command.

spice up the timeline in PowerPoint

The best way to previously a rough concept before you build a timeline in PowerPoint. You can make it purely informative texts, or insert pictures or mix both. And because PowerPoint yes is a demonstration, we can build the timeline also from slide to slide. In a timeline with five events to five blank pages need to do so.

A timeline in PowerPoint can also consist of imagesA timeline in PowerPoint can also consist of images
  • On the first side to draw the arrow a, and the first event with the PowerPoint forms.
  • Then, either the mouse or by pressing Ctrl-A, all marked on the side and taken over by pressing Ctrl + C into the clipboard.
  • Now, switching to the next slide and inserts the first time radiant with Ctrl + V again.
  • Now the timeline to the next stage will be expanded and transferred to the same recipe in the following slide.
  • In the end we animated a way of growing timeline in PowerPoint.

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