request to find and unlock PIN Sky Go

Do you want online access to the program by Sky to z. B. Bundesliga to watch on the iPad, you can do this with a Sky subscription at no additional cost with Sky Go. To register, you need the Sky Go PIN.

request to find and unlock PIN Sky Go

With the Sky customer number and associated PIN you can log you online *request to find and unlock PIN Sky Go and so access all available content of your Sky subscriptions on the Internet.

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Sky Go Forgot PIN? So you can request a new PIN

Do you have your Sky Go PIN forget you can apply for a new personal identification number. Opens this the appropriate form *request to find and unlock PIN Sky Go on the Sky website. You need for the new Sky Go-PIN your customer number. The Sky Go PIN consists of four digits and is required for orders of content on Sky Select and Sky Select on Sky Anytime. Have you applied for the new PIN after you've forgotten the previous Sky Go PIN, you can use them until about 30 minutes after the re-allocation for a login.

sky-go-pin forgottenDid you forget your PIN, you can with your customer number, a new PIN set (screenshot:

The Sky-ID can you z. For example, on letters of Sky respect of your subscriptions, in the contract documents or on the invoice.

Apply can you Sky-PIN by you sign up for the first time online in the login area. If a PIN is entered incorrectly too often, these and thus access to Sky Go is automatically locked.

Sky Go: Login with PIN and account number

The PIN can use their as parental control PIN. Thereby, the retrieval of content from 18, 16 or 12 optionally inhibited.

  • A new Sky Go PIN is issued by a first login and register with Sky online.
  • Sky Go-PIN is forgotten, you can request a new PIN, indicating the reference number.
  • The customer number can be determined by the documents to your Sky Treaty.

request to find and unlock PIN Sky Go

We show you the differences between Sky Go, Sky and Sky Snap Online. In addition, you learn from us how to register a new device at Sky Go, and how to reset the device list.



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