Finale of Curvy Supermodel 2017 live stream and on RTL2

Tonight chooses RTL2 again Germany's most beautiful, curvy model. In the finale of "Curvy Supermodel" fight the remaining top 5 candidates for victory. Everything about the jury, the candidates and how you can switch online in live stream or on TV "Curvy Supermodel 2017", learn it here.

It was a grueling way for the Curvy Models finals. Not only the big makeover tears flowed - even the lingerie shoot demanded the coming models Some off. Which lady is today crowned the most beautiful curvy and the challenges they have to overcome, you see on RTL2 at Curvy Supermodel live stream and TV.

Here we have the video for the campaign shoot for the new season from Curvy Supermodel 2017 for you:

Jury member and top model Angelina Kirsch points out:

This is super aesthetic, we do not want any meat inspection

Can thus take the fear the candidates of Curvy Supermodel, completely naked to pose for the camera?

Switch today finale of Curvy Supermodel live stream

After the sexy shoot in stockings and lace bras naked skin was last week again focused too timid candidates con Curvy supermodel had to step on the gas at the Bikini Walk and nude shoot - after all, it was about the Only into today's final of the model show.

Do you want to stream Curvy Supermodel, you have several providers to choose from:

  • Magine TV *: in the Basic rate for the current 10 euros per month (as of 07.17.2017), 30 day free trial
  • TV movie *: Also free 30-day trial period, then 9.99 euro per month
  • Zattoo: Live and on-demand TV on your smartphone or the PC, RTL2 stream in Premium subscription, free for 30 days, then 9.99 euros per month
  • WaipuTV: Stream a month free, then 4.99 euro per month
  • TV Now (Library of the RTL Group): from 2,99 euros per month, shipments to stream up to 30 days after the broadcast, limited to RTL, VOX, RTL2, RTL Nitro, Super RTL, n-tv, RTL Plus and Toggo

To stream Curvy Supermodel on smartphone, you can you just download the TV Now app:

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Videos about the show, interviews with the jury and background information on the candidates can be found on the RTL 2 website.

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Curvy Supermodel 2017: broadcast dates

The grand finale of the model show also means to an end. All six episodes long could you Julia, Anastasiya, Endurance and Co. accompany them on their way to the title. These appointments were the new season of authentic-winding power women on RTL2 on TV and live stream:

  • 17th July
  • 24th July
  • July 31
  • August 07th
  • Aug. 14
  • Aug. 21
  • 28 August- FINALE - today in the live stream and on RTL2 on TV

via TV see curvy supermodel feature film*

© RTL2 / Magdalena Possert© RTL2 / Magdalena Possert

Curvy supermodel: missed the final?

Have you missed the model show, can watch all of their subsequent consequences Curvy Supermodel. This is, for example, with these providers:

  • waipu.tvThe app lets you record and save Curvy Supermodel online in a cloud.
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  • save.tvThe online video recorder lets you record the program and watch then also.
  • In the RTL library takes her all the consequences of Curvy Supermodel online in the stream. So you can watch after the broadcast all the episodes up to 30 days.

The top 5 candidates at Curvy Supermodel 2017

Who is the successor to Céline? In voting on the RTL 2 website leads Hanna The field currently has 2,100 votes, followed by Karina and Clarissa (Both 1500 votes) (as of 08/21/2017). However, among the participants to the crown of chubby models there are tough competitors.

In the semifinals we had and say goodbye to the curvy ladies Khadija, Karina, Bianca, Gina, Tiffany and Christina.

The finalists for Curvy Supermodel 2017

In the final, these five Hourglass beauties are:

  • Anastasiya (18)
  • Endurance (20)
  • Hanna (24)
  • Julia H. (26)
  • Rahma (33)
curvy supermodel-bianca_RTL2Bianca before the makeover when Curvy Supermodel. © RTL 2 / PRcurvy supermodel-bianca-RTL II_PRAfter the big makeover: The brunette Bianca. © RTL 2 / PR

We also saw these curvy women in the first episodes of Curvy supermodels 2017. Meanwhile, these Candidates unfortunately excreted:

  • Christina (24)
  • Gina (23), communications designer
  • Tiffany (23), the student Wirtschaftspsychologie / working student Personal Development
  • Karina (21), a trained stylist
  • Amira (20), an interpreter
  • Julia D. (17), pupil
  • Jennifer (18) Fachabiturientin
  • Clarissa (20), trainee to the bar staff
  • Samira (18) Schulabgängerin
  • Mareike
  • Barbara (30), purchasing assistant, former Miss Plus Size Switzerland
  • Anna-Sophia (26), studied Hotelmanagerin with Italian roots
  • Diana (26), law student
  • Ketia (17), pupil
  • Yolanda (28) beautician
  • Ariella (23), make-up artist and YouTube star
  • Eileen (27) Betriebswirtin
  • Teresa-Elena (19), German student
  • Veronica (27), (hairdresser)
  • Zoey (20), assistant in Greek deli
  • Svenja
  • Laura
  • Mercedes
  • Jil
  • Nicole
  • Sakina

For the second season of "Curvy Supermodel &# 8211; Really. Nice. Curvy "Numerous women have applied with female silhouette. In the broadcast managed Curvy candidates aged 16 to 33 years with a standard size between 42 and 48. Four Swiss citizens started in the current season for the title of the most beautiful hourglass figure.

Two candidates - Bianca Speck and Mareike Wysocki - even once wore clothing size 34. But Mareikes chronic hormonal disorder and hypothyroidism, they can now go through life with size 42nd Bianca now bears size 40 (Source:

In the mass casting on a racecourse in Munich, the candidates should supermodel in high heels walk elegantly across the field in the first show of the new season Curvy. 60 candidates managed by the mass Walk towards the group shooting and presented each five of the chocolates in a box. At the end of 30 participants were in the second shipment of "Curvy Supermodel &# 8211; Really. Nice. chosen curvy ".

Curvy_Supermodel_RTL2© RTL2

Curvy Supermodel 2017: This was Show 2

The second episode reached 880,000 spectators satisfactory ratings and was therefore the market leader in the 14 to 29-year-old viewers.

In the second show all the jury members selected their favorite their favorite statues Challenge. It was about white makeup to stand still for a whole hour. And so the jury decided:

  • Carlo Castro > Bianca
  • Peyman Amin > Hanna
  • Jana Ina > Lorna
  • Angelina Kirsch > Khadija

What does this makeover in Germany&# 8217; s Next Top Model is equivalent to the make-drama about Ariella that would not even unadorned out the garbage his own words. She was criticized, condemned for removing makeup and convinced after many tears in the end even the jury. Had to go at the end of the second series none of the prospective Curvy supermodels. Who must leave the show, we see Monday in the new series Curvy Supermodel on RTL. 2

stream curvy supermodel online*

Scandal at Deutsche Bahn

Who will the new curve miracle? Beyond the public propagated ideal of beauty, the fashion business can be a tricky business:

At the recent advertising shoot nine half-naked models in the private stations suffered a major setback. The chubby models presented himself shirtless and covered the sensitive zones of the hands. That was too much for the German railway, which refused to suspend the sexy curves of 400 advertising panels. Jury member and plus-size model Angelina Kirsch can not understand this:

I find it very sad that for curvy women is a problem is made of it when more skin is shown.

A spokesman for the railway said that the rejection had nothing to do with the pounds and so the image was replaced by a less permissive subject.

Against the extreme thinness: The jury Curvy Models

Curvy Models will participate in spreading a new ideal of beauty: Curvy is sexy! The decisive factors are the comments and evaluations of the jury, which last year even Harald Glööckler belonged. From the original cast in the new season only the curvy model Angelina Kirsch has remained. This year, the candidates have to stand up to these four member jury:

  • Model Agent Peyman Amin (Following in the footsteps of the Model agents Ted Linow)
  • Plus-size model Angelina Kirsch
  • Model and presenter Jana Ina Zarrella
  • choreographer Carlo Castro
curvy supermodel-jury_2017The new curvy Supermodel Jury: Carlo Castro, Angelina Kirsch, Jana Ina Zarrella and Peyman Amin (v.l.n.r.) Source: RTL2

Angelina Kirsch is self Curvy model and want to send a message with the show:

I'm like you, I am a normal person. In addition I have a message: ENJOY life. The many people forget. (Source:

Harald Glööckler is no longer present at Curvy Supermodel 2017. As he announced DWDL over, its time for a new TV project is planned:

I am due to time constraints, unfortunately, no member of the jury of the second season of &# 8216; curvy Super Model&# 8217 ;, but currently turn a new TV standard for RTL2, which I am very pleased.

You should help the candidates about to realize their potential and to improve. Peyman sees great potential for the voluptuous models after the show:

The response could not be so larger. The models can be booked for photo shoots, catalogs, online media and advertising campaigns. International careers are not excluded. The international modeling market holds great potential for Curvy Models ready.

The winner beckons not only a modeling contract with Peymans agency PARS Management, they may participate directly in a campaign of a fashion label.

Curvy Supermodel 2017 &# 8211; Echt.Schön.Kurvig: The concept

Also this year, wait several challenges to the aspiring XXL models. In the first season we saw it on the shoot for the mail-order "Happy Size" in lingerie on the catwalk or in touting of household items in QVC-style.

for RTL2 live stream via Magine*

But it was also emotional: In the third episode of Curvy Supermodel tears, because the candidates had to settle accounts with their past. ( "Unsafe") written with bullying slogans from childhood ( "Hippopotamus") and their feelings on their skin, it went to the bikini shoot in Munich city center. That made the tears flow at Power-candidate Stella. After gemeistertem Shooting on the Opernplatz the Curvy Supermodel jury had them in the next round.

And the makeover, which has some Germany&# 8217; s Next Top Model contestant drove to nervous breakdowns, can not be missing in the plus-size talent show.

Curvy_Supermodel_Kandidatinnen_RTL2© RTL2

The first Curvy Supermodel winner

About 50,000 women have applied in the past year, 40 aspiring Curvy supermodels were seen in the first episode of the show. In the end, put the 23-year-old Céline Denefleh from Mannheim through. Since then, the curvy brunette with doe eyes at Mega Model Agency under contract.

Curvy supermodel wildcard Voting

The station allowed an online vote in which from 10 randomly selected applicants a could become a happy wildcard owner. The fans of the show voted online with 48% of votes for Svenja *. They thus skips the first jury Casting round.

In the new season, the curvy women have to try to inspire the jury at photo shoots, commercial shoots and-her catwalk performance. They need knowledge, but also charisma, discipline, ambition, courage and self-confidence, because those are the building blocks for their potential career.

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