Astroneer: Start multiplayer and play cooperatively

Exploring Adventure Astroneer you can play with up to three friends in co. As there is still no multiplayer menu in the Early Access game, we tell you in this article how their games to join from your friends or you can invite your friends.

Astroneer has a multiplayer function with which up to four players to explore the planet together. but until now there are still not an option in the menu indie title, with which you select the multi-player mode or you can open a multiplayer session. In a roundabout way you can on the PC and Xbox One invite friends or join their games. We show you in this short tip on how the multiplayer in Astroneer works.

in the video &# 8211; the developers of Astroneer present you the multiplayer front:

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Astroneer: How the multiplayer mode

Currently Astroneer has yet to not have a multiplayer mode, which you can select the menu. However, the game is still able A maximum of four friends to link cooperatively. For both platforms, so PC and Xbox One, you have to on the Friends List go and either join an active game or invite your friends. but you can also join other multiplayer rounds &# 8211; but that seems so far to work only on a PC. How can you escape, learn it in the text below.

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Up to four players can play together in multiplayer.Up to four players can play together in multiplayer.

Do you want to start the multiplayer, you therefore have to just open the friends list, click your buddy and select Join Game if he currently plays Astroneer. but as a second option you can also Invite friends to your game. Even with this option, you must navigate to your friends list. To avoid having to navigate from the game on the PC, you can also simply the overlay use by their Tab and Shift suppressed. Have changed their the keyboard shortcut, you must of course press another combination.

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Course can Friends also tap into your game and start the multiplayer. Currently you can not they &# 8220; lock out&# 8221 ;. So writes it and assigns it nice out. On Steam, but you can also foreign players in Astroneer visit. For this you just click on a random profile in Steam. Is it visible and the person playing Astroneer, you can join right on game click. Lest that happens, can the easily prevent: Does your profile just to private, so that only your friends can see your profile.If an astronaut has no more oxygen, the friend can make a call.If an astronaut has no more oxygen, the friend can make a call.

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