iCloud not synchronized – because it can be and so it fixes the problem

That iCloud is far more than just a cloud storage for iPhone and iPad, know the inclined Apple users. Anyone who wants to expand the limited memory of his iPhone or simply outsource only files that no longer comes around the iCloud. If the iCloud but suddenly out of sync, which should soon be resolved &# 8211; how this works we tell you.

iCloud not synchronized - because it can be and so it fixes the problemSource: Apple

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The smartphone is often the main tool when it comes to capture memories and experiences. Who makes many photos and pictures, can easily manage it via "My Photo Stream" in the iCloud. Here, images are automatically sent to the cloud - on the iPhone itself remains only a compressed preview image, and thus much more space. In synchronization problems, however, not only the upload fails, even downloading images does not work - so only remains the pixelated preview. How can you counteract? We clarify.

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If the iCloud not synchronized - reasons and solutions

Are there problems with iCloud, you should first find out why a particular service does not work anymore. Practical - Apple has its own index, which indicates when a service does not work out:

  • So is the square not green with iCloud, then there is a problem with the service of Apple's side.
Apple statusiCloud does not sync, looks here, if the error is not even posed by Apple itself.

Here lies buried the dog, usually helps only one: Wait. Is it not the decisive issue should, try it the following steps:

  • Turns iPad or iPhone and starts again.
  • Checks the network statute - you are logged into a wireless network or you have at least mobile Internet reception?
  • Selected in the "Settings" app the service that no longer works and Turns off this for a few seconds before you turn it on again.
  • Get in touch first on your iOS device from iCloud, and reports you back up again.

also ensures that you have also set up correctly, the iCloud. Typically, these steps are enough to find out where the problem with the iCloud is.

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