The Witcher 3 Walkthrough: Sorcerer job – Kreischberg Ling

After the Devils while Fountain of Kreischberg Ling is your second Witcher order in RPG The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The winged creatures is not to be underestimated opponent who also fly in addition to his ability to hand out neatly in close combat. We'll tell you how to undertake this engagement with asterisks.


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The Witcher 3 Walkthrough: The Kreischberg Ling-order

Of the Kreischberg Ling is a Gorgo and belongs to Monster class of Draconids in The Witcher 3. this Witcher order gets her quite early in the game when it under the main quest for bloody Baron on Castle Rock crows sent will. At the bulletin board the place is it the mandate and the corresponding NPC a few meters away. In your quest log these monsters hunt is issued with the recommended player level 10, but the Kreischberg Ling skin well in and it is best to tackle this job only with a higher than the recommended level players.

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Achievements for Kreischberg Ling-order

This sorcerer order is important for the success Kreischberg Ling and Geralt &# 8211; The professional.

screaming lingKreischberg Ling
Completed Kreischberg Ling-order.
geralt-of-profiGeralt &# 8211; The professional
Completed all sorcerer orders.

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The Kreischberg Ling at a glance

monsterKreischberg Ling
StrengthenFall attacks, long range
weaknessesHexer sign Aard, Draconidenöl
LootZwergenbeil (Level 12 / relic)
Recommended Players Level10-12

Witcher Quest: As you find Kreischberg Ling

  1. Goes down from the blackboard to the village and talk to the customer.
  2. You can still haggle a little while wages for the job. 270 crowns However, you should not go to her.
  3. then speak with the son of the murdered hunter behind the house.
  4. Goes to marked area outside of crows rock and examined the last place of the monster attack with your hexer senses.
  5. The trail leads you finally to a dark cave, from the you can already hear the screeching Ling.
  6. To hunt him out of his hiding uses bombs as samum, Kart grayling or Dancing Star.
  7. Leave the cave and you see the Kreischberg Ling birds circle.
  8. Follow him until he coming in for landing and raises you to a fight.

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So you defeat the Screaming Ling

In the fight against the monster as ever help a look into the bestiary. The Kreischberg Ling is vulnerable to the Bomb Kart grayling, Draconidenöl and the Hexer sign Aard. As you Kart grayling and Draconidenöl makes you experience in our instructions for bombs and alchemy. Steeped your sword with the Draconidenöl to cause more damage against the Gorgon. Also uses the telekinetic Aard shock wave, in which the monster is stunned for a few seconds and gives you the chance to strike.

To the Strengthen the Kreischberg include compact Attacks from the air and from the front. When you see how it takes off into the air, giving way quickly in one direction in that it tackles a few seconds later to his downfall attack. He has also on the ground a far-reaching attack with its wings in the store. The best you think you are always behind him and attacks only here, this monster will soon depart this life.

From the front you should not fight Kreischberg Ling. Is always behind him.From the front you should not fight Kreischberg Ling. Is always behind him.

Statements and reward

From the carcass itself you can watch the Level 12 Zwergenbeil pull a Monster spring and the Trophy of Kreischberg compact. XP rewards of 25 points there, when you have calmed the boy and also for clues. In addition, you can the client refuse the money and instead also grab experience points.

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