How can you cancel at Kindle Unlimited?

With Kindle Unlimited Amazon launches its own e-book flat rate. The first 30 days can you use the service for free to give you an impression in the reading of our e-book service. Should you enough of the digital reading material have, should terminate their Kindle Unlimited.

How can you cancel at Kindle Unlimited?

Access to the service will cost € 9.99 per month otherwise you. As you can notice in Kindle Unlimited, learn it here.

test Kindle Unlimited free: Amazon*

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Kindle Unlimited announce: Instructions

  1. kindle-unlimited-HeraldOpens the website of Amazon *How can you cancel at Kindle Unlimited? and logs you an Amazon with your data.
  2. Controls on the top right menu "My Account" at.
  3. Here you select "My Content and Devices".
  4. Right of the screen you'll find the "Settings" button.
  5. After entering the settings you choose the "Settings of Kindle Unlimited" option.
  6. Here you can find various information about your e-book subscription.
  7. Click "cancel Kindle Unlimited" button to end your subscription.
  8. Confirms the following message to perform the termination completely ".

announce Kindle Unlimited: Is there a deadline?

Amazon offers a free trial month *. The duration of the free period is set regardless of the actual length of the month to 30 days. Do you have the free offer as at 15.10. perceived, you have from 11.14. pay for Kindle Unlimited.

Of course you can terminate a month. If you take advantage of the free trial month of Kindle Unlimited, you should of course cancel before the 30 days, so that no additional costs are incurred by you. Upon termination selected titles from your respective device be deleted.

Kindle Unlimited offers you for a monthly fee a flat rate for e-books. The content can be read on Kindle, smartphone or tablet PC. Alternatives to Kindle Unlimited are the services Skoobe, Readfy or eLibrary.

How can you cancel at Kindle Unlimited?

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