Borderlinx: order online with delivery address in the US – how it works

You saw online a hot item that can be purchased but only in the US or buy? Of course you can wait until someone travels from the circle on vacation and ask if it could buy the device. Lightweight but ordering from the US goes to the online service Borderlinx.

Borderlinx: order online with delivery address in the US - Here's

Borderlinx is a subsidiary of DHL and offers you the opportunity to order goods from the US, which are forwarded to a German address.

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Borderlinx: Cost, registration, shipping time

Borderlinx works closely with the logistics companies DHL, so that you can go out with your order that it arrives actually and heal with you. Thanks DHL cooperation you have even the possibility to send by Borderlinx to a packing station. Want to use from the US Borderlinx her for ordering goods, goes as follows:

  1. Open Borderlinx and register for free
  2. A monthly fee does not apply
  3. When registering a separate US delivery address you assigned
  4. In Borderlinx you find an overview of reputable online stores
  5. shopping online
  6. The cost calculator displays, come what customs and shipping fees in addition to the purchase price upon you
  7. After the purchase process, the goods are sent to your Borderlinx US address
  8. There packets can be stored for up to 30 days.
  9. Do you have your US shopping tour ended, you pay the complete delivery, including customs and shipping
  10. About DHL your packets travel across the pond to your home or to a packing station

When ordering online, you should the assigned address 1: Enter 1 to allow the package to be assigned without problem your account.

Borderlinx functionsHow it works Borderlinx (Screenshot:

Shipping is once released from you, the package or the pooled purchasing will be sent by DHL to Germany. The delivery time is specified with two to five days.

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Borderlinx: Create US address and order online

For registration and use of Borderlinx no credit card is needed. On the website mentioned yourself that you expect "no surprises", that you pay only what is displayed in the Borderlinx bill without surprising additional costs.

The use of Borderlinx is also to save one or two euros on many goods, after all, many brand items are often also cheaper thanks to a favorable dollar exchange rate, as in this country.

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