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Whatsapp Messenger is one of the most popular worldwide. No wonder that many want to check for the latest version of WhatsApp and keep this example with tools like WhatsApp2Date up to date.

For some time WhatsApp offers pre-release versions, by means of which users can try out very early future functions of the Messengers. An Android app that lets you always use the latest version, is WhatsApp2Date. This indicates which version of the Play Store as well as WhatsApp itself is available. For a manual installation of the latest version of WhatsApp far from the Play Store has to approve the installation of apps from unknown sources or third parties in the security settings of the smartphone. After that, the use of WhatsApp2Date nothing stands in the way.

WhatsApp2Date: So the upgrade works

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Those who want something simple, you can directly use the pre-release versions of the Play Store, which usually coincide with those offered on the WhatsApp website versions called a beta program. So you do not have WhatsApp2Date open daily to get the latest version, but this can directly and automatically from the Play Store to make:

  • use WhatsApp Beta Version

WhatsApp2Date indicates which version of WhatsApp in the Play store, which offers even WhatsApp and also offers direct the appropriate download link to. So it is always up to date far from a Play Store update. To download WhatsApp2Date on your smartphone, this page simply opens on your phone or scan the specified QR code with a QR-code scanner. To install WhatsApp2Date you have to install apps from unsafe or agree to third-party sources in the security settings of your smartphone. The path to the appropriate settings is usually under "Settings" and "security" or tab "Apps" to find.

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