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This could be really embarrassing: Although Tinder even promises not inadvertently betraying information about activities on the dating platforms on Facebook, there is a slight possibility to look at the profiles of your Facebook friends.

Tinder: This trick will show you the profiles of your Facebook friends

Tinderface the service, which could open by fewer steps floodgates for many a shameful discovery calls. Finally, in the 21st century would not necessarily show everyone his personal dating profile's Facebook friends (yes you know usually in real life). is really embarrassing&# 8217; s if mom or grandma belong to their own friends. Since the declaration of Facebook for Tinder has become mandatory, the service provider has repeatedly emphasize to endeavor to ensure that any information the social network are transferred involuntarily.

Tinderface shows small hack all profiles of your Facebook friends on Tinder

So if you want the plunge and have the profiles his Facebook Friends can do so as follows (required is a computer with Chrome, Safari or similar):

  • Make your way https://tinderface.herokuapp.com/ and clicking over there on "Get started" on the website.
  • Following her Tinderface must grant some permissions for Facebook: Among other things, the app will post to your name, but this can deny it without any problems.
  • In the next window you will find the (English) manual. There, you have to click on the blue button that opens the Facebook authentication window. There will be probably that her Tinder have already authorized. Click on NOT Okay, but opens in the authorization window Developer options using the key combination Ctrl + Shift + i (if you use a Mac, then Cmd + Option + i)
  • In the window with the developer options you have to switch to the tab "Network". Click on NOW Okay in Authorization window.
  • In the window with the developer options, a new entry should now named "confirm? Dpr = 2" appear. Right-click you have the "Copy Response" Option Select, which you will receive a special token.
  • In the window with the guidance you need now scroll down and paste there by copy-paste the response token. Finished!


If everything is done, you see the Tinder-profiles of your Facebook friends neatly listed &# 8211; including description and all photos. You can even swipe to the left or right when you seek a match with the respective contact and recognize "Online last" status on whether he or she is actively using the dating site yet. The only requirement: Your friends or acquaintances must enable Tinder Social. Then you can use the tool to amuse you fully about their curious dating profiles.

via Product Hunt

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