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With Snapsaver screenshots can be made and then stored in various formats.

at Snapsaver is it is a small program that is for taking screenshots, so photos of the current screen contents intended.

The download of Snapsaver done as a ZIP archive that you first need to unpack. In the unzipped folder you then find the file &# 8220; snapsaver.exe&# 8221 ;, which one starts by means of a double-click. Then the tool is started directly, an installation does not have to be run through only.

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Operating procedure of Snapsaver

Directly after the start of Snapsaver can using the small buttons &# 8220; e / d&# 8221; change the language of the user interface in German at the bottom of the program window. In the top of the window, the folder can be determined in which the captured screenshots will be saved. Among them you can optionally specify whether the Snapsaver program window when you start the tools to be minimized. Under &# 8220; Compression&# 8221; in turn, the picture format for screenshots can be determined, inter alia, the space-saving JPG format is available for selection.

Possible configurations of Snapsaver

Other configuration options Snapsaver option, only the window located in the foreground or only a specific area must be included; also can also be set that the tool several screenshots consecutively receives at adjustable time intervals. If you want to take a screenshot, you can on the button &Pressure; # 8220&# 8221; carry out.

Conclusion of the free Snapsaver Downloads: Snapsaver is a very small tool for taking screenshots, which nevertheless allows some options of settings such as selecting the file format of screen shots.

In the Winload Category Pressure & Screenshots can be found, among other things, alternative tools for recording screenshots.

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