Free System Utilities Download

The Free System Utilities of Berlin IT company Freemium is a free maintenance software for PC with 20 tools for better performance and safety.

Note: Either Free System Utilities is not available anymore. An alternative is, for example, AVG PC TuneUp, the article Top 7 Windows maintenance tools for Windows 10, 7 and 8, we also provide you commendable programs for individual tasks of system maintenance before.

Software for PC maintenance is still one of the most frequently installed freeware and shareware programs. The newly introduced by the Berlin IT companies Freemium program Free System utilities bundled with a total of twenty tools a number tools for improving performance and safety under a single interface and supports also an automated one-click administration.

The 1-Click Maintenance module of the Free System Utilities

In order to find your way around in the twenty management tools, they are divided into four areas. The first area of ​​the Free System Utilities is the already mentioned 1-Click Maintenance. Here the software for regular maintenance provides appropriate modules, users can also customize their own needs and ideas accordingly. Using these modules you can download and create a maintenance plan and leave the desired tasks to perform regular automatic with Free System Utilities.

The other areas of the Free System Utilities

Area 2 of the Free System Utilities to hide tools to clean up & Manage, so for example modules with which delete temporary files, analyze the disk occupancy or entries in the Windows context menu (which is the menu that opens with a right mouse click) can be added or removed.

In section 3 of the Free System Utilities to find modules that are used to improve performance. These are, for example, registry tools that delete orphaned entries or the entire registry can be compressed, a tool for managing the programs and services that are loaded at startup, or a task manager for running processes.

Free System Utilities Download

In the area of ​​4, finally, the modules are for security & Data protection. Here, for example, files can be safely deleted or restored (the latter, however, only if they were deleted just normal). Users can hide their tracks on the computer or encrypt and decrypt files, splitting or merging again.

Conclusion of the free Free System Utilities downloads With the Download Free System Utilities Windows users get a convenient tool for maintenance and optimization of the system.

Alternative programs from the category system tuning, for example, CCleaner or TuneUp Utilities.


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